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Zeroid - Custom Product Designer

Zeroid - Custom Product Designer

Developed by The Zero Idea Company

3 reviews
Price: $15.00 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Zeroid offers the web to print solution for all those businesses who want to cater the need of Online custom Design and print all the variety of t-shirts/apparels for men and women and many other products on their Shopify shop.
  • For Customers, it allows to buying their own designed product from your store. Zeroid will give the flexibility to add custom designs (add own images, text with multiple colors and fonts) to a product with Print Ready PDF & SVG Output within the minutes.
  • For Store owners, it allows them to upload and manage new products and allocate the specific design area which can be personalized using an Zeroid visual editor. Also, it enables them to manage the library of clipart and fonts with a very clean and easy user interface.

Live Demo

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Technical Documentation and Guide

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Zeroid - Online Custom Product Designer app for Shopify e-commerce websites is a responsive custom product designer application, incorporated with marvelous features to design or personalize multiple kind of products.

Zeroid can be -

  • Specialized T-Shirt and clothes Designer

  • Mobile Phone Cases Designer

  • Laptop Skins Designer

  • Room Designer

  • Interior Designer

  • Cricket Stump Designer
  • Business Cards Designer

  • And any other product user want to personalize before making order then Zeroid is perfect for you

By Using Zeroid, your customers can Design Products as per their own choice either by adding any text to the product or by uploading any beautiful artwork or image directly from their desktop or by exploring the Zeroid massive clipart's gallery.

From the App back-end section, Admin can also easily select which product, user can be customize. Admin can also mention additional customized price for a specific product.

Key Features- 

  • Easy to Install Extension with easy installation guides. 

  • 100% Responsive Product Designer Tool with device-agnostic features.

  • Add multiple text items and decorate them with fonts and colors.

  • Easy setup of extensive cliparts with multiple colors.

  • Option to upload your own design images

  • Full-Width Layout

  • Adjustable design area

  • Multiple types of ready to print outputs, like svg, png and pdf

  • Flexible design pricing

  • Google fonts

  • Vendors specified products

  • Smooth drag, rotate and flip functionality

  • Share your creative design on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

  • Multiple view & color of Products.

  • Compatible with all Desktop, Tabs, Mobile Phones, etc. 

Upcoming Features -

  • The user will get a preview of their customized product design, both during and after the designing process.

  • While uploading images from the system to the tool, the user will easily Preview, Apply, Crop, and Delete them.

  • Features like Text Arching, Line Spacing and Word Spacing will be available to enhance the visibility of your designs.

  • Varied Text style formats like Text Curve, Text Path, Text Fx, etc. will also be available.

  • The users will get the text outline feature to set the font color from outside.

  • Featured options will be provided to upload photos via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, QR code, etc.

  • The users will get a warning notification whenever an inappropriate image will be uploaded.

  • Undo and Redo options will be provided to make designing process more effective and easy.

  • Quick and simple system control options like delete key for removing any design object and Ctrl+Z to go back to the previous actions (similar as UNDO option) will also be available.

  • Post designing process, option to download will be provided as digital proof for reference in future.

  • Video tutorials will be attached for the users to make them understand every new and complex feature easily.

  • Admin Panel backend out option will also be provided.

Premium Features -

  • Instant search option in Clipart for users to find image with the help of keywords. For example: Type flower and user finds numerous cliparts related to flowers saved in the in-built library of the system.

  • User can easily add different names and numbers on the products with varied designs and sizes.

  • Bulk orders are accepted from the end users on specific requirements.

  • Users can change product quantity, size, and design in the add to cart option.

  • Comprehensive feedback option available as premium feature in add to cart option.

  • Using premium version, the user can easily add all the artworks in a single zip file.

  • Color extraction option to remove unwanted details and outlines from the uploaded image is available. The users can manually remove those irrelevant parts of the images.

  • Blank Canvas for designing unspecified products is also provided as an added advantage.
  • FREE Installation Service

    We have an installation guide which you can follow to ensure smooth setup. You can request this guide from us anytime by writing us at thezeroidea@gmail.com, It's very easy to install. However, we will always be available to help any store owner to install the application for free.

    *** Don't have a Shopify store? Get started here!

    Feel free to contact us at thezeroidea@gmail.com for any help.

Zeroid - Custom Product Designer reviews

3 reviews
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Hello, why cant customers change design color on the mobile version of the custom product designer? The app works just fine on desktop but fumbles on mobile. Its very vital for any business to have moible friendlt tools, as a large majority of users are on mobile devices. Please work on this. Apart from that, your app is the greatest product designer ever


Downloaded the app and upon first impression it seems ok.... contact them via their online chat and asked if it was possible in the app to turn off the ability for customer to upload their own images...then after some very painful chat they said yes it was possible...ok....how.... oh we'll have to talk with the developers and create a project which I would need to pay for....

Now I am not expecting people to work for free but this is a subscription based product and this is one function you would just expect.... but hey not for them.

So .... like all things, some will love it and some will hate it....

Cheers Dave.
ps below is the chat session....

Steven: Hello
Steven: How can I help you?
→Hi...re: tshirt designer....can you turn off the 'upload' function...i.e so customer cannot upload their own design
Steven: Yes We can turn off the upload function
→how is that actioned?
→Do you have to do it..?
→I am currently testing the shopify app
Steven: Yes our developer will do it.
Steven: Are you on Skype?
Steven: Can you please share your Exact requirement on my e-mail id steven@no-Refresh.com
→exact requirement...please turn off ability for customer to upload their own inmages
Steven: ok
Steven: We can do so.
→ok how can we do that?
Steven: It need to done by our developer.
→ok, how can we get them to do it?
Steven: 1st we need to review this with our technical team.
→ok...so whats next?
Steven: then I will share an cost and timeline with you if you will approve then we will proceed for the development.
→you are joking ?
Steven: No, It will require the extra effort
→ok...thanks but no thanks.... bye.
Steven: Bye.


4/26/16 Update - They are currently helping me to get everything fixed that I am having issues with and will keep this post updated to reflect that fact.

Original Post: Product from the outside looking in looks great! Then you try and talk to the developers and again seems legit. Then you download the app and nothing works that great and you find out it sucks. The worst part is that maybe it doesn't, but you can't get a hold of anybody to ask questions and their help section is non-existent and the setup instructions really suck. I hope they fix their customer service and their app because it definitely has potential, but not right now.

$15.00 / month
5 days

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