Ontrack Analytics App

Ontrack Analytics App


Optimize your traffic and conversion with our insights

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Instantly identify drop-offs

You will immediately know what's working and what's not on your store and in your campaigns. This will be the only dashboard you will use.

Identify top user segments

Keep up to date with fresh information about your users. How much they spent, how many of them bought and what is their conversion rate.

Technical issues alerts

Know immediately when your website is loading slowly or not at all on different browsers, screen resolutions or operating systems.

有關 Ontrack Analytics App

The only app you will need for reporting. It's like your own personal conversion optimization buddy

The Ontrack Analytics App creates buyer personas and conversion segments to help you spend your marketing budget as smart and efficient as possible. It breaks the data down by age, gender, devices, traffic sources and many more so you can spend less on analyzing data and more on scaling your online store.

Analyze ALL your traffic sources in a single place

You’ll get actionable insights based on your main sources of traffic: the one that brings in the biggest chunk of revenue, the best converting one, the one that brings in your best customers and many more.

For Shopify store owners ONLY: see your funnel in action!

We have created the one and only Funnel Auto Analyzer Tool. You’ll see what pages in your funnel are leaking money and get professional insights on how to fix them. Start by identifying the biggest drop-off points in your funnel and then start fixing those leaks. Then watch the sales come in.

It’s never been easier to analyze your store's performance and increase your sales

Countless people have absolutely no idea how to use Google Analytics. Even if you do, reading and analyzing all that data is complicated and time-consuming.

Ontrack Analytics reads this data for you and provides actionable insights in just a few seconds.

It’s like having a personal data analyst, conversion rate optimization specialist and marketing assistant all in one place.



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4.5 5 顆星

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We use this app on a monthly basis to evaluate our store's performance. I love the demographics insights and the traffic sources analysis most.

Vibrant Activewear

Very good app. Notifies me immediately incase of any issue.

First Emergency

This app notifies me instantly in case of any technical issue. Very helpful app.