OnVoard: Email Marketing

OnVoard: Email Marketing

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Email marketing at $14.95 per month for unlimited contacts

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Create Email in Minutes

Our drag and drop email editor lets you customize email designs within minutes.

Grow Revenue, Automatically

Use flows to automate your marketing in a set and forget manner.

Recover Cart Recovery

Automatically recover customers who've abandoned checkouts.

OnVoard: Email Marketingの詳細情報

What is OnVoard?

OnVoard is an email marketing platform for ecommerce business. Merchants use OnVoard to generate more revenue for their stores with minimal work. Unlike many other email marketing vendors, our platform is built specifically for ecommerce merchants. For instance, our email editor packs with blocks like product list, reviews, and star rating that are dedicated to ecommerce stores.

Who kind of merchants should use Email Marketing App?

Our email marketing app is best suited for merchants who are not heavy email-senders. If you are sending less than 10X marketing emails to each contact per month, OnVoard is the most value-for-money email marketing app for your store. This is because we have only charge more when you send more emails.

What's different about OnVoard's Email Marketing App?

In terms of features, our email marketing app is as good as any other vendors in the market. What makes us special is that we don't charge merchants by the number of contacts. If you've used other email marketing apps, you will realize that most of them charge you by the number of contacts, even when you're not sending to them.

If you are sending less than 10X marketing emails to each contact per month, use OnVoard.

If you are sending more than 10X marketing emails to each contact per month, use another email marketing app.

Key Features

  • Email Editor: Our drag and drop email editor allows you to customize email designs for your store within minutes.
  • Embed Reviews into Emails: Sell more by adding product reviews into your abandonment emails.
  • Flows Automation: Fully customize how you want to automate your marketing.

Predefined Flows

To help you save time, we have preset configurations for the following flows.

  • Checkout Abandonment
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Product Review Request

You can use all other OnVoard apps for free if you subscribe to Marketing Platform app.

  • Back In Stock App
  • Reviews App
  • Product Recommender App



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First 2000 email sends free. After that, $1 per 1000 email sends.

  • Unlimited contacts
  • All features included
  • Includes Back In Stock App
  • Includes Reviews App
  • Includes Product Recommender App

* すべての料金は米ドルで請求されます。 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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So Loved Manufacture

It took me a while to find my way around here. But the support was extremely good. I have now set up everything as I imagined it. Thank you very much.



Hi Desi,

Thank you so much for your reviews. I truly enjoyed and appreciate working with merchants like you. 

Totally agree that the marketing platform app can be a little complex to set up. I have plans in the coming months to make it much more powerful and easier to setup.

One of the things I've learned is that merchants are generally looking for "One-Click Solution" over "Customizability", and this is what I'll be working on next.

Ryan from OnVoard