OP Optimum Pricing

OP Optimum Pricing


Increase Revenue by Targeting Each User with an Optimum Price

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See Results Within Days

Our smart algorithm chooses the best prices for each user based on your pricing preferences.

Avg Unit Price Is Not Affected

For each product, the average price will never get lower than the current price.

Flexible Scaling Model

Decide what percentage of users see optimum prices. Scale up when you are ready.

有關 OP Optimum Pricing

Optimum Pricing, the upcoming trend in the e-commerce industry, is now available on Shopify!

Our algorithm predicts each user’s willingness-to-pay (WTP) function and sets the best price for each product.

Now you can use a technology that not long ago was available only to the kings of the industry, a technology that will maximize your conversion rates and revenue!

How it works

  • Choose the percentage of your website users you would like to run our algorithm on
  • Pick the products for which you would like to start showing optimum prices
  • For these products, enter price options that fit your business
  • Click Activate, and the tool will start showing the best price for each individual user in the percentage group chosen
  • The rest of the users will see fixed prices

The setup is quick and easy, and the results show immediately in the dashboard.

Scale up at your own pace

We know that building trust takes time.

That's why we allow you to start showing optimum prices to a small number of users.

Liked the results? Scale up!

Customer Service

Our 24/7 Customer Service team is happy to help with any setup questions and make sure you get the best value out of the tool!


We currently only support stores that:

  • Sell in the US
  • Have one warehouse/location



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  • customerservice@originalpo.com



Free up to 40% of the traffic. Above that percentage, we charge a 10% fee out of the income uplift generated by the app.

5.0 5 顆星


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Amazing! The app was really easy to set up and the support team quickly responded to any questions I've had


This is a great tool for increasing conversion rates.
I like the ease of use. And the customer service team is super helpful!