Geolocation Redirect ﹣Open Geo

Geolocation Redirect ﹣Open Geo

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Geo location Block & Redirect Countries﹣ Block Spy Tools by IP

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What is OpenGeo app?

OpenGeo is a simple app that helps you to control the geo of your customers so you can redirect or block specific countries or IPs, also it will setup everything for you, you don't need any coding experience.

Who needs OpenGeo app?

  • If you have multi-stores (store for every country for example) for example if you have store for UK and USA and you want to redirect your UK customers from USA store to UK store you can use OpenGeo app for that
  • If you want to block custom countries for example if your business is based in USA and you want to block country X from seeing your store (to provide spying or anything) you can use OpenGeo app for that
  • If you want to block the IP servers of the spy tools, also you can use our app...





5.0 van 5 sterren

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For my need, the App is working Good. I want a redirect according to the country, I have three stores with in two need to be specific for individual Country customers, Simple easy to select option, Thank you!

Der Faun Design

Not working for my needs, but customer service is excellent. So changed from 1 to 5 stars.
When required, I will reinstall this app, because it's free ;-).

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29 november 2021


I'm really sorry if you had any problem with our app, but please let me explain how our app works and to know why the US traffic still counts

So our app block the countries completely BUT Shopify or google analytics can still count the traffic that coming from blocked countries

because our app uses javascript to block them

for example, if you are blocking US country and someone from US enter your store

that what will be happen

first the content load and after 1 to 3 seconds our app block the customer after checking their IP address and you can try that using a VPN or Proxy

Thank you