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OpenSky LOVE Button

OpenSky LOVE Button

Developed by OpenSky

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  • Spread the love, from your site to OpenSky.
  • Allow your shoppers to love items from your site and share them on OpenSky, simultaneously.
  • Gain followers by creating an OpenSky presence on your own website.

Here's what makes the OpenSky Love Button so exciting:


The OpenSky Love button allows people to love products while trafficking your website.

Each Love made gets pushed into the user's OpenSky Feed, instantly sharing their find with the OpenSky community.


Every time a shopper loves one of your products, it is auto-posted to the member's OpenSky Feed. This shares your product with all their followers. That means more exposure for you.

Build Your Following

A Love button that lives on your site helps drive awareness of your OpenSky page. It helps to increase store follows and promotes additional sharing of your products on OpenSky.

Not an OpenSky Merchant?

Join the Community, and sell your products on the only social network for Shopping.


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OpenSky LOVE Button reviews (6)


https://luca-chiara.myshopify.com I found this app a bit confusing and complicated. After emailing their team and speaking to a shopify guru I was able to get the "love it" button posted. Havn't seen much impact on my business but time will tell.


Update: Through trial and error I figured out that after making unrelated adjustments, this app was altering the appearance of some fonts in my shop. I couldn't figure out why, so I contacted the developer. They said they'd let me know as soon as they figured it out, but that over a month ago now and I still haven't heard back. So... meh. It's good if it works, but I've removed it now.

Original 5-Star Review: I love Shopify and I love OpenSky, so having an app that connects them both is awesome. If an OpenSky member is browsing my Shopify shop, they can "love" a product there (just as they can "like" it or tweet it). And, every love that I get directly on OpenSky shows up on my Shopify page. The app just takes a minute to install and it works perfectly. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who has an OpenSky & a Shopify store.


I would love to use this app, but I'm having trouble uploading products to my opensky store. The automatic feed is not working for my products, and it may be because I have so many color variants for each product. I'm not sure, but I've emailed support a few times over the past week and have not received a response yet. I hope to update this review with 5 stars soon! It seems like a great app!


You can not use this with the basic 14.99 plan


For over 10 years I have been selling online in conjunction with having a brick and mortar store where I sell well priced women's fashion accessories. Our area was hard hit by lay offs, downsizing and companies closing and I have seen a steady decline in my instore sales. In August 2012 I joined OpenSky and began selling my private label line there. It is the best thing that has happened to my small business in a long time. I am so thankful for the work that OpenSky has done and now that I can integrate the site with mine makes it even more wonderful . Two of my Favorite Small Business Supporting Site together is heavenly. Keep up the Good Work OpenSky !


OpenSky is a wonderful way to reach your customers on a whole new level. OpenSky is a unique marketplace with the twist of a social network in a way. Post, share and 'smile' at products to help increase your visibility and boost your sales. The best part? OpenSky is free. Simply meet the seller requirements and you are on your way to landing unbelievable sales.

Why not five (5) stars? The only two bad parts about OpenSky is you cannot communicate with users/customers directly or privately and you are not paid for your sales promptly. Users can comment on your posts/listings but there is no message center for you to communicate with your customers should an issue arise or for any other reason. Aside from that, any sales posted between the 1st through the 15th of any month will not be paid until the 25th of the month. Orders shipped between the 16th through the 31st will not be paid out until the 10th of the following month.

Most marketplaces will pay their sellers within 3 days of shipment or merely immediately, OpenSky does not. It may be because they want to implement a security system preventing sellers to claim their funds without actually shipping their products. Whatever it may be, there could be a better way to handle it. Especially since some business' priority is to get their funds for their sales promptly.

Would we recommend OpenSky? Of course! It's fun but it's a bit difficult to catch up to the experienced sellers on there. So, make sure you are active and understand how to communicate on social sites - then, you are good to go. Remember though, you have to wait quite some time for your money. That isn't necessarily a good thing.


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