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  • Add costs to track profit
  • Maximize your profit using Artificial Intelligence
  • Simple inventory management for making timely decisions

Maximize profit using Artificial Intelligence

Key business insights and simple inventory for free

OpSignal automatically tracks all your sales and costs to provide business metrics, insights, profitability and recommendations. Simply set default configuration and enter cost details that deviate from the defaults and OpSignal does the rest.

Simple inventory management for making timely decisions using Artificial Intelligence

OpSignal helps you Know your profit at all times and also helps you understand the state of your business through sales trends, profit margin, and inventory management. Click here for the OpSignal training video.


  1. Profit over time

  2. Best selling product over time

  3. Sales trends

  4. Inventory cost

  5. Profit Dashboard

  6. Export orders and products

  7. Manage product

  8. Add cost, update margin/sale price and publish, set default margins, update in stock quantity, Add/edit Products
  9. Review orders

  10. Filter by sales channel, tags and dates, update sales and handling cost per order, set default sales and handling cost, R\review profit per order, review cost per order

The app requires access to your shops data such as Products/Variants, Orders, Customer to provide these insights.

Make More Money

Maximize your profit

OpSignal defaults the profit margin and provides users the option to change it. Costs include shipping, handling and channel cost. OpSignal also calculates the payment gateway fees including those of external payment gateway providers and market places. OpSignal reviews all the sales, costs and inventory to provide you with the best recommendation using Artificial Intelligence.

Manage and optimize your inventory

Manage in stock quantity and sales prices from the Product Inventory screen. Try scenarios by entering the cost and changing the sales price to review your potential margin. No changes are made to the Shopify store until you decide to publish the quantity and sales price to the store. Enter the lead time and reorder point if you know it. OpSignal plans to use Artificial Intelligence to automagically update this value after observing how your business is doing.

Get personalized business insights

Review personalized business metrics such as profit, top selling products, least selling product and sales trends.


Create a unique place of your own by leveling the playing field against the giants. OpSignal has been build from the ground up to help Shopify customers make confident decision to maximize profit using Artificial Intelligence.

OpSignal, brought to you by Intuit Labs. Intuit Inc. is committed to powering prosperity around the world for consumers, small businesses and the self-employed through its ecosystem of innovative financial management solutions. Its flagship products and services include QuickBooks® and TurboTax®, which make it easier to manage small businesses and tax preparation and filing.

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Best app to setup/manage inventory, costs and profit.


Maximize your profit by focusing on business metrics, insights and recommendations using Artificial Intelligence. Simple inventory management for making decisions.



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