Optidash AI Image Optimizer

Optidash AI Image Optimizer

Optidash GmbH

Speed up your store, improve SEO, and boost your revenue

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Improve Google Rankings

Google takes speed as a signal to rank pages. Want to rank higher? Optimize your images with Optidash and enhance your store's performance.

Boost Your Revenue

People hate waiting. Faster-loading stores convert more users and see lower bounce rate. Improve user experience and earn more money.

Capture More Leads

Optimized images will significantly boost your Store's performance. Speed up your eCommerce business and capture more leads.

Optidash AI Image Optimizer 정보

Brought to you by computer vision experts and build exclusively for eCommerce, Optidash is your new image optimization and management tool.

Large, bloated, unoptimized images drastically slow down your Store and that has a direct impact on your sales, SEO, and customer satisfaction.

Optidash uses proprietary AI technology developed in Germany to automatically and flawlessly bring the byte size of your images way down.

Balanced and Aggressive Optimization

For your convenience, Optidash offers two levels of image optimization - balanced and aggressive. Both levels are powered by our proprietary machine learning technology and guarantee tremendous savings and pristine look of your visual content.

Bulk Processing

With just a single click you can optimize the entire catalog of your products and asset (theme) images.

Automatic Optimization

When enabled, Optidash will automatically optimize and recompress any new images you add to your Store so that you can focus on running your business.

Instant Sync

The wait is over. Right after you securely connect your store with Optidash, our app will begin synchronising your product catalog. Get up and running in seconds, not days.

Unlimited Optimization Quota

Site speed should not be limited. That's why on any of our paid plans you can optimize as many images as you like. No questions asked.

Unlimited Backup

At any time, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can restore images back to their original version.

Automatic SEO ALT Rename

To boost your SEO efforts, Optidash will automatically rewrite ALT tags of your images to help Google better index and rank your pages.

Online Web Interface

If you'd like to optimize images outside of your Shopify Store, look no further. With our built-in Web Interface you can simply select any images on your computer and have them optimised with blazing speed.

Optidash Cloud Storage

Any images you optimize through the Web Interface are securely stored and available for you anytime. Cloud Storage on steroids is now available directly in your Shopify store.

Team Management

Teams work better together. At Optidash we encourage you to work collaboratively with your teammates. We enable you to invite your colleagues and co-workers to better manage your Optidash Account.

World-Class Support

We're here to help you at any step along the way. If you need any assistance setting up and using your Optidash account we will be delighted to help you out.

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  • 25MB one-time quota
  • Unlimited backup
  • Optimize product images
  • Instant images sync
  • Web interface



  • Unlimited quota
  • Unlimited backup
  • Product and theme images
  • SEO ALT rename
  • Automatic optimization
  • Bulk actions
  • 5 GB of cloud storage



  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Dedicated onboarding process
  • 99.99% SLA
  • Priority support
  • Prioritized feature requests
  • 10 GB of cloud storage

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I have tested several applications, but this one is the most technologically advanced and achieves the best results. In addition, the developer is a company that specializes in this type of compression. If you are looking for this type of application, you can be sure that this is the best.