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Optimize Checkout by Plobal Apps

Optimize Checkout by Plobal Apps

Developed by Plobal Apps

3 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 1 days More info
  • Convert more carts to sales by fixing the login & register flow from your cart page
  • Make your customers' checkout experience seamless by fixing the register flow from checkout page
  • Quick and simple one time set up

Optimize your checkout flow by not making your users Annoyed during their checkout experience.

Any distraction to users during checkout experience will cost you money, currently on your store if a user does login from cart page or does registration from cart or checkout page they are redirected to "My Account" page. By installing this app you can fix this behavior and redirect the user back to the page it came from i.e. cart or checkout page and thus save yourself money by optimizing the checkout flow.

Current User experience on Login & Register from the Checkout & Cart pages for your store:

1- Login & Register From Cart Page:

If the user decides to login or Register from cart page, than on successful register or login action the user is directed to the "My Account" page instead of cart page

2- Register From Checkout Page:

If the user decides to Register after clicking on login link on checkout page than on successful registration the user will be redirected to "My Account" page instead of checkout page. Again!!!

Well install this app on your store and increase your sales :

On installing the app, it will now provide a much better user experience to help increase cart / checkout conversions for Users by taking them back to checkout flow on successful login or register action.

Details as follows:

1- Login & Register From Cart Page:

If user successfully registers or logs in from the cart page, it would redirect the user back to the "Cart page" itself, instead of the "My Account" Page

2- Register From Checkout Page:

If the user registers successfully from the checkout page, he will be redirected to the "Checkout Page" itself, instead of the "My Account Page"

Optimize Checkout by Plobal Apps reviews

3 reviews
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My new customers are loving the hassle-free checkout process. This tool is very easy to integrate and has significantly helped me reduce cart abandonment.


We get about 4-5k visitors to our store daily, however, our conversions were low. While me and my team were analyzing our website, we realized that our checkout page had the highest drop rate. So, we started looking for tools that could help us fix this and came across Optimize Checkout on the App Store.

The tool looked like it was new to the App Store but heck it was just $5/mo with a free trial so we thought, well why not? We’ve been using it for about a week and our checkout drop rate has already reduced by up to 45%.

It’s a great tool to quickly improve conversions without having to spend too much. Kudos to the team!


Update: They fixed the error I got and it did work, It ran a little slow because after logging in it still went to account page then a page that just say "Redirecting" then back to the cart, I am concerned customers would be confused by this, (Keep in mind I am having some slow site issues before this that is being worked on) But it works and would recommend you try it

Tried to install got this error
{"error":1,"status":200,"message":"Exception while installing Optimize Checkout App.","details":"PAShopify isUrlHttps Error : Requested Resource Not Found matching with params : {\"shop\":\"suzieskincare.myshopify.com\",\"type\":\"cart_app\"}"}

$4.99 / month

All shops get a 24 Hour Free Trial of our Professional Plan which is only $4.99/mo after the trial. Features include:

✔ Fix login flow from cart page
✔ Fix register flow from cart page
✔ Fix register flow checkout page
✔ Unlimited user reports for cart page
✔ Unlimited user reports for checkout page
✔ Super-quick support

Even one recovered sale pays for the app for a year. We can't guarantee such low prices in the future, but you can lock it in for your store forever by signing up now.

1 days

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