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4 april 2023

I am using Optimonk for 1 pop-up on my website and paying $99/month for it. Last month Optimonk deleted my one and only pop-up out of the blue due to an error on their side. This resulted in a significant headache and loss of sales for my business (the pop-up is functionally very important to our user journey). Use at your own risk.

Even though Optimonk's error led to a significant loss of sales for my business they wouldn't even comp my next month of Optimonk app charges. Poor.

Butter & Crust
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OptiMonk svarade 5 april 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

I want to apologize again for this issue that happened with your campaign.

The issue was addressed in a few days and your campaign was restored. Our team will work on ensuring that a similar error won’t occur in the future.

I’m deeply sorry for all inconvenience that this caused. I also reached out to you in a separate email in more detail.

I’m looking forward to your reply.


17 augusti 2022

Actually this app doesn't work at all. As in will NOT show up on my site, even after signing up and paying for this. I would HIGHLY recommend going somewhere else.

The Pond Shop®
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OptiMonk svarade 18 augusti 2022

Hi Nicholas,

I'm Anna from OptiMonk Support.

I'm really sorry for the negative experience.

Please note that you haven't been charged as you downgraded on the same day and I think I already found out which setting caused the popup not to appear multiple times.

I sent a reply to your email and I'm ready to assist you with anything you may need. We'd be very happy if you'd give us a second chance!

I'm looking forward to your response.


30 maj 2022

Not sure why this app has so many good reviews. Cannot customize discount codes on this app spin the wheel.

The Roman Catholic Store
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OptiMonk svarade 1 juni 2022

Hi There,

I'm very sorry to hear that you aren't fully satisfied with our app and I'd like to inform you that our team is already working on the coupon code feature update regarding the gamification templates.

I sent you an email with the details, can you please check it and get back to me? :)

I'd really appreciate your reply.

Anna from OptiMonk

20 januari 2022

Redirects my customers to THEIR website. Supposed to be an app which increases MY conversion and keeps people on MY website... instead when they 'win' on the spinning wheel it takes them to their website to subscribe. Outrageous!

Uncle Chook's Chicken Salt
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OptiMonk svarade 25 januari 2022

Hi Sian,

I'm Anna from the OptiMonk Support Team.

I'm truly sorry about the negative experience we caused with this mistake.

I can see that you have reached out to us on multiple platforms and we have tried to explain the situation in our responses, but let me summarize here as well what happened to your popup:

The OptiMonk template you chose had a button on the 'Thank you' page set up with a redirection action. As you haven't inserted any links where we could've redirected your visitors, the system set up optimonk.com by default after you saved the popup and this is why your visitors were redirected to OptiMonk on the Thank you page of the popup after they subscribed.

I would like to highlight that this function was honestly not our intention to have and was left on the template you have selected accidentally. I contacted our Product Team right away and they removed this setting from the affected template.

As this mistake was made on our end, we would like to like to compensate you for what happened. Therefore I'd be very grateful if you could reply to the email I sent to you on Friday, or you can also reach out to us via chat from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 9 PM CET.

Thank you in advance,

Anna from OptiMonk Support

20 november 2020

no recommended , free plan its not good, the popup deasent work in your shopify and you need to upgrade the plan but look the price for this? not really, you have better app in the store. good luck. PD: I use a lot of app and this its my first no recommend.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Ungefär en timme
OptiMonk svarade 9 december 2020

Hi There,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, our customers’ honest opinion means the world to us!

I’m sorry that our current business plan isn’t suitable for you, let me assure you that we are always working on improving our product and systems to be better suited for every customer’s needs.

We would like for all our customers to have a positive experience with the OptiMonk app and with our team.

To achieve this, allow us to get in touch with you directly via email to see how we can improve your experience with OptiMonk. We are going to check your case thoroughly and write an email to you shortly.

I hope this sounds good to you and I also hope that we can prove ourselves to you.

Kind regards,
OptiMonk Team

Redigerat 3 juni 2020

this app is AWFUL! AWFUL! LITERALLY GARBAGE! I am so frustrated with this pile of junk, it takes like 2 hours just to make a simple coupon popup and constantly bugs out and I'm tired of this. All I want is a good coupon popup app, I've installed around 20 and this is the worst one so far. Please fix your app. And do not send me any emails. I am not reinstalling.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 27 minuter
OptiMonk svarade 4 juni 2020

Hi Liam,

I'm so sorry once again for letting you down, I truly understand all of your concerns.

As we have discussed in e-mail, I am sending you the update regarding your issue.

I would like to inform you that some major bugs that caused your frustration have already been fixed.

We have also reviewed how you tried to use our Editor in Logrocket and to tell you the truth you have shed the light to some inconsequence in our system for which we are extremely grateful.

Our Discovery Team is already in the process of making some optimization in order to make our Editor as user-friendly as possible. I will keep you updated in e-mail as well, as soon as I have some news about it.

I hope that we will be able to prove that OptiMonk is the app that you have been searching for.


3 juni 2020

Looked nice. was excited to use it. unfortunately, i was shocked. the pop up that appeared on my site was not the campaign i launched. it was ok when i tested. but when i checked device it was the wrong pop . delete.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Ungefär en timme
OptiMonk svarade 4 juni 2020

Hi Michaelangelo,

I'm sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience trying to create an OptiMonk campaign.

To be honest, we had a big feature Release yesterday afternoon. It seems your issue has been caused due to this Release for which I am awfully sorry :(

I would like to inform you that the issue has been fixed so you shouldn't experience the error anymore.

Could you please also take a look at it so that we can make sure that it is all good on your side as well?

We’ve also reached you out via email to make sure you receive updates.

We would like to prove that OptiMonk is a nice and stable app you can count on, so I really hope you give us another chance.

Customer Support Team

26 april 2020

Customer service is horrible. I have been trying to get them to fix my pop up for over a week now. All I get is IT is working on it. While my conversion rate drops everyday. The don't integrate with SMSBump very well. So if you using text message marketing this is not the app for you

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Ungefär en månad
OptiMonk svarade 5 juni 2020

Dear Frantchen,

Thank you for taking the time to write this review, it is highly appreciated.

I am so sorry to hear that you had a terrible experience with OptiMonk, however, I totally understand your disappointment and frustration. We tried to contact you in the last few weeks via email, however, it seems that we haven’t received a reply from you yet.

We are a small team of only 20 members and Customer Satisfaction is the topmost priority for us. I know that we have made a lot of mistakes, but what I can assure you about is that we do everything with the best of intentions to create value for our customers.

If you would change your mind and give an answer to us, we would be happy to find a way to make this bad experience up to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


27 januari 2020

Doesn't work at all. Added the 1 second trigger as well as the exit trigger and neither of them work. Waste of time.

Colour Junkie Cosmetics
Nya Zeeland
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Ungefär 2 timmar
1 september 2019

Very Very complicated app. I played with just colors for about an hour and yet I can't figure out how to change the color of different parts of the pop up. You should have a WAY more simpler system. Nobody wants to play with an app for hours.

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