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Smart Exit Offers by Optprice

Smart Exit Offers by Optprice

Developed by bitREC

16 reviews
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  • Boost conversion rates by up to 83% by offering timely personalized discounts.
  • Save margins by offering discounts only those visitors who are hesitating to buy.
  • Don't annoy your visitors - show fewer popups but to the right people.

Optprice turns window shoppers into buyers by offering personalized discounts tailored to each visitor – only when necessary.

The only exit offer app in Shopify that shows offers based on statistical analysis of visitor behavior rather than naive mouse tracking.

Optprice is based on four principles:

  • Web users hate pop-up ads.

  • Every shopper is an individual.

  • Offering the same discount to every visitor kills profit margins.

  • Exit-intent technology, which tracks mouse movements, does not indicate a shopper’s true intention to leave.
  • How does Optprice work?

    Optprice uses machine-learning techniques to automatically analyze the behavior of each individual visitor. Using 60 different data signals, including visitor location, price sensitivity, time on page and number of visits, Optprice computes a visitor's willingness to buy. Only when it is low enough does Optprice offer an elegant pop-up with a discount tailored to that individual shopper, convincing him to buy while saving your profit margin.

    The end result: less pop-ups and more profit.

    Shopify stores that use Optprice profitably increase their conversion rates up to 83%!

    Make your discounts smart now!

    Some of our real clients putting the app in action

    • swordandplough.com

    • sugarcity.co.uk

    • travelsafe.at
    • Here's how to start using the app

      • You will need to come up with two or three discount rates suitable for your shop. For example, you could offer 10% and 20% discounts for your products. The app will choose which discount to offer – if any! – for each visitor.
      • You will need to create discount codes for each discount values using the Shopify Discount panel. Remember to make them easy to remember so visitors don’t forget them at checkout. A good code looks like this: CODE25.
      • Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the app to start working. It has to collect some data and get to know your customers.
      • Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I upload my own pop-up design?


        How does the app actually work?

        The Optprice app uses 60+ data signals to build a statistical model that evaluates the conversion probability of each visitor. Some examples of data signals include the visitor's location, the visitor's computer type, the referrer site, the number of page views per visit, the amount time on the site, the number of visits it takes to buy a certain item and the prices of items browsed.

        For example, after analyzing your visitors’ behavior our system may learn that visitors from Tennessee who are referred from Facebook and use Apple computers are less likely to convert than Apple users from New York who are referred from Facebook. Thus, it would be wise to offer visitors from Tennessee additional discounts.

        Do I need to create several campaigns?

        Yes. The app is developed around the concept of “willingness to buy,” which is different for every human being. Our app computes how much that particular visitor is interested in buying a certain item and, depending on the result, offers a smaller discount, a larger discount or, if the visitor is going to buy anyway, no discount at all.

        Do I have to set up any rules on when to show a discount?

        No. The system automatically identifies visitors who should receive discount offers. Moreover, it picks the right time to show the discount.

        How does your app choose which discount to offer?

        Optprice computes a visitor's conversion probability. The lower the probability, the larger the discount, and vice versa.

        When does your app show a pop-up?

        Unlike so called exit-intent technologies that offer discounts when the mouse accidentally leaves the browser and subsequently burn your margins, Optprice picks the optimal time to show the pop-up based on the visitor’s behavior.

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16 reviews
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Love this app! Super easy to set up and you can customize it to your liking. Definitely recommend it


Love this app! Super easy to set up and you can customize it to your liking. Definitely recommend it


Attempting to contact their support team for over a week now, have not heard back. The design of the default design offer is horrible I've trying to contact them to see if they have anything else to offer.


Very nice outputs especially free plan is also like very professional.


Just installed. Super easy to set up. Will update how effective it is once have seen the results. But so far so good.


Amazing app! Perfect for engaging new customers and giving them the push to buy your product!


So far it is working as it's described. Will update with further details. The app is easy to use, but lack a bit of customization. However, it is pretty to the eyes and it doesn't annoy the customers.

Check it out at my fitness clothing store: www.slayaesthetic.com


very nice and easy and actually looks good!


Just loaded this on, easy to use ... lets see what happens

One thing to say - I wish we could change the font on the offer


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