Upsell Recommendations

Upsell Recommendations

by Innonic

100% free Amazon-like personalized upsell recommendations

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Prodigy Kassk

I have just downloaded the app and it is so simple to use, without all the additional requirements and reading in order to make this work asap on your has simple step by step instructions. I am really happy with this app at present because it hasnt taken half a day in order to get it up and running...thank you


I started using this apps , hope it will be good and increase my conversation rate. It will help our business.


great app this very help full app generat more revanu thanks for give this app
time sever app with good expireiens with this app

MakeKit DIY Craft Kits

Easy to customise design. Would have been good to add a few manually but a great free product all the same.

Eco Hacks

This is my first shopify store and so far this app has been simple to install and use even for a newby!


أحببت هذا التطبيق
إنه تطبيق رائع وجذاب يضهر عدة منتجات
أسفل المنتج المقصود. إنه رائع و مجاني شكرا لكم


Es una aplicacion muy interesante e importante, crea mas conversion ademas de dar una buena imagen. Esto unido a otras mas nos da buenos resultados

Origin Silver

This app is very nice , i recommend for up selling and cross selling . Easy to understand and to learn


I lost access to my store's backend immediately after installing this app. From the frontend, the app looks great and is working fine but now, I can't even get into my dashboard to uninstall the app. I have contacted Support and I am still waiting for some assistance. I'll update this review with how that goes.
UPDATE: So I contacted Shopify support and they helped me get back into my dashboard. I have not uninstalled the app but everything seems to be working fine now, thanks to Rue. I'd raise my rating to about 3 stars but I still haven't heard back from the app's own support team so imma leave it as it is. Maybe, that will encourage them to fix the bugs.
The support team responded to my previous request a few hours after I posted my original review. I'm raising my rating from one star to four stars because I do love the app and they did respond to me eventually. I corresponded back and forth by email with Kata over a number of days. Within that time, they sent me a request to access my store themselves and take a look at what may have gone wrong when I first installed the app. Of course, they could not find anything because Shopify Support had already fixed my problem but I appreciate their effort and thoroughness just to make sure that I was happy and if they could offer any extra assistance. Now I consider that great customer service because the app is free and I can just uninstall if I don't like it. I love how they went out of their way for me. They get only four stars though because I was also a little thrown off when they tried to upsell me on some other app in the process. That could have waited till the end.

Metal Gods

good recommendations app and it´s free :)

but generated just 1 sale over 19.000 impressions. and the app dont even show me the revenue fron this sale, just a $