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28. März 2023

I am so surprised by the abundance of 5 star reviews. I have processed 18 orders and had issues with 9 or 10 of the orders and counting. From waiting for 5 days after placing an order only to be told the item is sold out, to paying for express shipping 6-8 business days as they say but never got any order delivered in less than 12 business days. Also I have had customers complain about product quality as well as product description. Another problem is their sizing as well. One of my customers had to wait for two weeks, got angry and cancelled their order because it was not shipped in two weeks. Another thing I do not understand is the reason why I place an order and have to wait for 4 business days for them to know if the item is in stock before they ship. Out of the 18 orders processed, I can guarantee there will not be a single repeat buyer because 90% were angry about something. The other 10% probably were angry as well but chose to stay quiet. I still use the app and will continue to do so until I find a replacement while hoping they improve so I can update my review as well. If you are downloading this app, be ready and have a lot of patience to deal with angry customers. Also, save some money for transaction fees as you are ready to do a lot of refunds.

Nick's Bay Company
5 monate mit der App
4. Oktober 2022

I will not recommend using this company for dropshipping. 3 out of 3 orders were cancelled because, even though the system showed the items were in stock, they were out of stock. And they took approx. a week everytime to communicate that the items are out of stock, should they cancel the order for you. It seems they DO not have a system in place to synchronize the inventory. 2 out of 3 refunds were provided swiftly, which is fine. Customer support is good I would say, but all comes down to the service they offer - which I did not have a positive experience so far. It's me who lost 3 customers because of kakaclo, the customers which will not come back. And I ended up loosing money on advertisements to acquire these customers in first place. I had added 1600 + products which now are in the process of being removed. Many were already ranking in google, and now I have to add 301 to each of them to avoid 404 errors. There are many professional players in the market and I was already quite happy and satisfied with one another (a young, 2 years old dropshipping company) dropshipper - 50+ orders, ZERO problems. The only reason why I chose kakaclo is because they offer international shipping, while the other company did not - they are focused on USA market only. But what's the use of utilizing the so called "benefits" of kakaclo if they can't even provide the service they say they are good at?

Etwa ein monat mit der App
18. September 2023

Absolutely awful company to deal with, poor customer service, you wait for hours on end if not days for responses, they don't answer their phone calls, they only put products into out of stock after taking payment for the product, then they update the system to say no stock and hope you don't email them. And when you do get a product it takes a lot longer than their competitors to be delivered. Really a poor company wouldn't recommend it for anyone that's trying to do drop shipping. DO NOTHING BUT COST YOU CUSTOMERS AND MONEY.

Dress Your Best
10 monate mit der App
10. Mai 2023

Worst customer service ever. Kecy was telling me that there’s a reason we have measurements and my customer should have measured first before she ordered that’s why they’re there.

I’m done. Soon as all my customers orders finally get delivered I’m going to delete this app. There’s other dropship companies that has amazing customer service and shipping is way better too.

It’s easier to keep a customer than make a new one. I don’t need this company making me lose my customers.

Vereinigte Staaten
2 monate mit der App
7. August 2023

The shipping times for this service is ridiculous. They tell you it takes 1-4 days just to process the item...well I ordered 6 days ago and my item still has yet to ship! I will have to reimburse my customer because of shipping time. When you try to reach out to someone, crickets. Nothing. Nada. This is one of the worst drop ship sites I have come across and I have been doing this a few years. I have deleted all my other imported products and will find alternatives to this site. Just horrible!

Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
7. März 2023

This store has a lot to offer but the products don't match the description and the customer service is decent at best. Their inventory management is terrible. I've had to cancel several orders because they don't update their inventory as their products sellout. They wait until you pay to then tell you they don't have it. It was so bad that I had to remind them of an order that was pending because they said they had inventory to replace it and did not. Will be removing from my store ASAP.

Victoria Royale Boutique
Vereinigte Staaten
6 monate mit der App
25. April 2023

Never ever coming back. Place 15 orders and not a single order was in stock although it does stay in stock on the website. Their shipping is 15 business although I have paid $15 for express 5-7 express shipping. They don't tell you that item is not stocked after 4 days of sending your order. Extremely terrible services and scams in the name of shipping charges. All the customers were angry and would not recommend it.

Soniz Enterprise
Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
12. Oktober 2022

They don't offer print on demand. They don't communicate English very well. They are out to sell their products mostly. They mislead by offering services that they don't actually offer. They keep your information once you sign up. And you won't find out it's a waste of time until you sign up. Shouldn't even be on shopify platform. I'm starting to lose respect for shopify. Setting up my business to utilize reliable manufactures on the shopify platform has proven to be exhausting.

Sunreal Clothing
Vereinigte Staaten
22 minuten mit der App
Bearbeitet am 24. August 2023

USA EXPERIENCED SELLER with Shopify for YEARS, frustrating, the customer service works off China time, so for the USA it means delayed service or working very late. WILL NOT DO SIZE EXCHANGES & their sizes are all over the place, will not do returns other than defects, your customer or you are stuck with the sale.

Jimmy Lee Leathers Club Vest
Vereinigte Staaten
4 monate mit der App
4. November 2022

Everything is out of stock even though their site says it's in stock. You will find out that they are out of stock 5 days after your customer places an order because that appears to be when they start processing the order

Meika Luv's Intimates
Vereinigte Staaten
24 tage mit der App