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9. Juli 2023

Kakaclo's inventory management system is not working well. Inventory is supposed to update on my store automatically but this does not happen. Even on my listings on the kakaclo app, the inventory levels are not correct. This puts me at risk of losing customers who place orders that cannot be filled (I see that other reviewers are saying the same). I sometimes get notifications when a product I have listed sells out on kakaclo, but then I'm never notified when it is restocked. Altogether, these circumstances create many problems. The inventory needs to be tracked accurately. If they fix or improve this, I will increase my review to five stars.

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21. November 2022

Their customer service response when messaging them is GREAT but TOO MANY issues with everything always being sold out and not updating me on those items. Causing customers to order and pay for merch I ended up having to refund A WEEK LATER!! A week later? this order should've been half way shipped by then.

Tipsy Sissy boutique
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Bearbeitet am 10. Mai 2023

Room for Improvement at Kakaclo: Inventory and Shipping Concerns

My business association with Kakaclo , with professional and efficient service. In particular, I'd like to mention Nancy, our Account Manager, who was very responsive and supportive throughout the initial stages of our partnership. However, as time went on, things took a disappointing turn.

The first notable problem is inventory management. There have been numerous instances where items or sizes ordered by my customers were out of stock. This issue, occurring repeatedly, has forced me to issue refunds, disrupting my business operations and risking the loss of returning customers. It is crucial for any supplier to maintain an accurate and reliable inventory system. Unfortunately, Kakaclo's current practices are falling short of this standard.

The second major concern is shipping delays. Despite my account being set up for faster shipping—an extra fee I willingly pay for—promised deliveries within 6 to 9 business days are not being met. My customers have been waiting over 15 days to receive their orders. Such extended delays are causing dissatisfaction among my clientele and hurting my business's reputation.

Furthermore, the once responsive and supportive communication we received from Nancy has lessened significantly. This change in service level, coupled with the fact that nobody seems to be answering my calls, is exacerbating the problems and making resolution more difficult.

I am currently in search of a new vendor that can better meet my business needs by offering accurate inventory management, timely delivery, and responsive customer service.

I understand that every business faces challenges. However, the repeated issues and lack of response from Kakaclo are becoming a significant concern. If Kakaclo is to remain a viable option for businesses like mine, significant improvements are needed.

In conclusion, while Kakaclo's offerings initially seemed promising and the professionalism and responsiveness of account management were notable, the current issues with stock accuracy, delayed shipping, and waning communication are considerable drawbacks. Despite the initial positive experience with Nancy, the recent lack of response is disappointing. The hope is that Kakaclo can return to the level of service we initially experienced.

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