Order Automator

Order Automator

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Auto Tag Orders + Customers + Fulfill Orders + Fraud Guard

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Auto Tag Orders + Customers

Create tag rules based on conditions like products, order attributes, shipping, customer. You can enable notifications on matches too.

Auto Fulfill Orders

Create rules to fulfill line items that meet certain conditions. Example: Amazon FBA, digital products, by product type, and more.

Fraud Guard

Prevent chargebacks and fraud by automatically cancelling or getting notifications on high risk orders

Über Order Automator

This app saves you time + helps automate processes related to orders, customers, and fulfillment.

*We do custom features - contact us if you need more functionality.

Summary of Features

  • Tag orders to organize and filter them
  • Tag customers to organize and filter them
  • Auto fulfill line items
  • Send email notifications based on order conditions
  • Prevent fraudulent orders by cancelling them or getting notified

How It Works

When new orders come in the app takes action based on your settings. This happens a few seconds after the order comes in, but you can also set a delay (useful if you're using a checkout upsell app).

Order Tagger

Create rules to automatically tag orders based on order information. Use these tags to easily filter orders.

Example: if you want to easily filter international orders, create a rule that tags orders not equal to your home country. Orders will get tagged and you'll have a shortcut link to view those orders.

Customer Tagger

Create rules to tag the customer based on order / customer conditions.

Example: Set a rule to tag the customer "Repeat customer" if they've made multiple orders. Or maybe tag the customer "VIP" if their order total is higher than $1,000.

With tagged customers you can easily filter them and take action (like rewarding repeat customers with a promotion).

Auto Fulfill Orders

Create rules to auto fulfill your orders, for example, "Auto fulfill line items with digital products."

You can also use Order Automator to trigger fulfillment requests to Amazon FBA to automatically fulfill your orders, update tracking, send customer notifications.

Automating order fulfillment helps:

  • Save time by automating fulfillment requests
  • Get orders to your customers faster

Email Notifications

Get optional email notifications based on order conditions, for example:

  • Get notified any time an international order comes in
  • Send an email to a dropshipping vendor when their products are in the order
  • Get notified when a customer places an order over $500

Fraud Guard

We built in a fraud checker that integrates with your Shopify fraud analysis and allows you to auto-cancel high risk orders or get a notification when a high or medium risk order comes through.

*This feature relies on the Shopify fraud analysis, which is included in "Shopify" plans and higher or orders using Shopify payments.

More marketplaces, tags, or notification conditions?

If there's a feature or condition you wish existed, let us know.

We're happy to add more features to help automate your processes and save you time.

Rockstar support

We're a team of Shopify developers with experience building apps and customizing themes. Our expertise is optimization and automation. If you need help with anything give us a shout.



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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Button Down SF

Now this is the company to work with! I wanted to be able to tag orders in a specific way they did not offer so I emailed them and poof it was done! Now I am able to tag orders correctly automatically and also auto fulfill orders all in the same app! I wish more apps were like this company for customer service....bravo to your team!

Antwort des Entwicklers

23. April 2021

Nice, we enjoyed creating this solution for you and appreciate you being a part of our community. Thank you for the props and sharing your experience!

Virginia Foodie

Great app! I struggled with finding a customer tagging app that actually works. Order Automator works great for our needs, and the customer service is really helpful.

Antwort des Entwicklers

7. April 2021

Glad we found each other, thanks for reviewing our app! Happy to help and you know you can reach out anytime if you need anything else. 👍

Moruga Cacao

First of all, the App is extremely helpful. We were dealing with the problem of having both unfulfillable orders waiting for new stock to arrive and orders that could be fulfilled right away. The app helped us in tagging orders that could be fulfilled right away. Second of all, the customer support is truly outstanding. We could not have made the process work without some customization on behalf of the team. Thank y’all a lot.

Antwort des Entwicklers

22. März 2021

Thanks for sharing your experience, we love helping your business and systems!