Order Automator

Order Automator

Speed Boostr

Auto Tag Orders + Customers + Fulfill Orders + Fraud Guard

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Auto Tag Orders + Customers

Create tag rules based on conditions like products, order attributes, shipping, customer. You can enable notifications on matches too.

Auto Fulfill Orders

Create rules to fulfill line items that meet certain conditions. Example: Amazon FBA, digital products, by product type, and more.

Fraud Guard

Prevent chargebacks and fraud by automatically cancelling or getting notifications on high risk orders

Order Automator 정보

This app saves you time + helps automate processes related to orders, customers, and fulfillment.

*We do free customizations + can create custom features for you.

Summary of Features

  • Tag orders to organize and filter
  • Tag customers to organize and filter, and export for marketing
  • Auto fulfill line items
  • Send email notifications based on order conditions
  • Prevent fraudulent orders by cancelling or getting notified
  • Batch process old orders

How It Works

The app takes action on orders based on your settings. This happens a few seconds after the order comes in, or later if you set a delay (useful if you're using a checkout upsell app). You can also select orders by date range.

Order Tagger

Create rules to automatically tag orders based on order information. Use these tags to filter orders.

Example: if you want to easily filter international orders, create a rule that tags orders not equal to your home country. Orders will get tagged + you'll have a shortcut link to view those orders.

Customer Tagger

Create rules to tag the customer based on order / customer conditions.

Example: Set a rule to tag the customer "Repeat customer" if they've made multiple orders. Or tag the customer "VIP" if their order total is higher than $1,000.

With tagged customers you can filter them and take action (like rewarding repeat customers with a promotion).

Auto Fulfill Orders

Create rules to auto fulfill your orders, for example, "Auto fulfill line items with digital products."

You can also use Order Automator to trigger fulfillment requests to Amazon FBA to automatically fulfill your orders, update tracking, send customer notifications.

Automating order fulfillment helps:

  • Save time by automating fulfillment requests
  • Get orders to your customers faster

Email Notifications

Get optional email notifications based on order conditions, for example:

  • Get notified any time an international order comes in
  • Send an email to a dropshipping vendor when their products are in the order
  • Get notified when a customer places an order over $500

Fraud Guard

We built in a fraud checker that integrates with your Shopify fraud analysis and allows you to auto-cancel high risk orders or get a notification when a high or medium risk order comes through.

*This feature relies on the Shopify fraud analysis, which is included in "Shopify" plans and higher or orders using Shopify payments.

More marketplaces, tags, or notification conditions?

If there's a feature or condition you wish existed, let us know.

We're happy to add more features to help automate your processes and save you time.

Rockstar support

We're a team of Shopify developers with years of experience building apps and customizing themes. If you need help with anything give us a shout.

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  • 7 day free trial
  • All app features
  • Process old and new orders
  • Unlimited orders and tagging
  • Unlimited notifications



Custom plans allow you to extend functionality with custom features

  • Everything in the Unlimited plan
  • Use our app as a platform for added functionality
  • Custom features tailored to your store's specific needs

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가장 최근 리뷰

Fire Tech Productions - A Fire Protection Training Company

This app has been great for us - very easy to set up and manage. Support has been wonderful as well - fast and helpful responses! They seem to be constantly adding more helpful features and have even done some custom work for us.

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 25일

Thank you for sharing, yes we are constantly adding more features and improving the app, we appreciate your feedback!


We were looking for an order automation feature when we came across the order Automator Shopify app from Speed Boostr. It almost had the feature we were looking for, but not quite - so we reached out to their support to check how close/far off we were. CTO and founder Joe got back to us immediately and was very helpful. We discussed our needs and the possibilities, and they ended up implementing just the feature that we were looking for into the app - the support has been awesome, and the app works like a charm for us. In Shopify you can only set default fulfilment location, but with this new feature in the Order Automator app, it auto-changes fulfilment location based on ruleset such as the shipping address country of you customer. Our warmest recommendations of the Order Automator and the team at Speed Boostr!

개발자 회신

2021년 7월 29일

Thanks for the detailed review and recommendation!

It was a pleasure implementing the custom location change feature for you, we really enjoy problem solving and creating automated solutions to improve your workflow.

Digital Supply USA

Great App. Easy to use. And if you have a feature request there is a great chance they can make it happen. Thanks!

개발자 회신

2021년 7월 19일

Nice, easy to use that's what we're going for... And we enjoy the feature requests thanks for mentioning that 👍