Order Delivery Estimation

Order Delivery Estimation

par Pleximus

Set estimated delivery date message for your products.

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Transparent Booking

Customer can view delivery date before making the purchase. We make ordering system transparent

Easy Setup

Admin can setup dates automatically without writing a single line of code

Highly Customizable

Admin can set delivery dates of each product / each collection independently

À propos de Order Delivery Estimation

We make order deliver estimate simple, our tool is just a plug and play utility, simple installation, set delivery date of all or individual products.

Order Delivery Estimation is free to use utility.

No Coding Necessary - Admin doesn't need to know any coding to set this up. Any layman can use our utility to set delivery dates for each of their product.

  • Comprehensive Features
  • Next delivery date
  • Override settings by product or by categories or by collections
  • Incredible Support
  • Existing users have been blown away by our exceptional support.

What does the app do?

  • Displays your product delivery date to customers
  • Biggest worry to all customer is when they will receive their order
  • We allow admin to solve this problem in advance by showing customers delivery date of each of their product


  • No Coding Needed, Easy App Install, No need for programming knowledge, easy plugin, and simple to use.
  • This app allows the customer to see an accurate estimation of delivery with date
  • 50+ language support to display order estimation message

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  • Unlimited Products
  • Premium Support
  • Set Estimated Delivery days in your products
  • Estimated Delivery Message only in English


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  • Unlimited Products
  • Premium Support
  • Set Estimated Delivery days in your products
  • Estimated Delivery Message in Multiple languages

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4.4 de 5 étoiles

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DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! Easy interface to quickly set up the estimation on your store, but it doesn't work. They have very poor customer service. I emailed them about the issue of the order delivery estimation not being displayed on my website and they replied 4 days later saying " let me check" without any greeting or anything. Sounded like you were messaging some random person. Anyways, I waited a couple of days and no one got back to me. So I sent them an email again asking if there was any update and again 3 days went by and no one got back to me. Apparently this is an ongoing issue faced by other store owners too. You'd think it would be fixed by now.


can you provide us the application in slovenian language? We really need it.
Thank you!
Br, E

Used by God

I've reached out to their development team numerous times about the order delivery date not being displayed on the order confirmation page. I have customers constantly reaching out requesting this information. At first I was told that the information was there, then I ran a test and saw that it wasn't. I reached out to them numerous times over a month-long period. They finally contacted me and told me that it wasn't there after saying that it was and offering to make the changes. They said that they would send a collaborator request to make the changes. No request ever came. Then I reached out to them again. This time they told me that the change would be available in a future release and that they didn't have a release date. I asked them if they could make the change since they already told me that they would. Still haven't heard anything back. Their customer service isn't great and you shouldn't have to constantly follow up with them. Especially after they told me that the delivery date was on the confirmation page, then told me they would make the change, and now waiting on a release date....