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1. September 2015

David has been fantastic to work with. They have been very responsive and have gone above my expectations. I think I tried every other integration company out there before Orderdesk. I wish I would have found them first. Orderdesk is the most flexible and cost effective.

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28. September 2016

We have found this app to be essential for the running of our business. It is easy to order products and keep track of orders from our multiple online stores. The integrations are fantastic. This app is worth the money, support is fast and reliable. Highly recommended!

Elderbrook Studios
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18. Mai 2016

What a great service!! I needed to set up multi-channel automatic fulfilment software that integrated with my fulfilment company and this did it perfectly with the help of David @ Order Desk who took the time to talk me through every stage and we set it up completely within 1 hour. I Highly recommend this for any Shopify Store.

Poppy Palmer Hamper Company
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12. September 2016

Great tool that is highly customizable to solve all of your fulfillment needs. Support is AMAZING-- the Order Desk team answers questions promptly and extremely thoroughly. They are also continuously adding new features to serve their customers... it's like they are reading my mind! Couldn't recommend this more.

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1. März 2023

We love it - we have been running it successfully for about 3 years and we could not work without ii.

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Order Desk hat geantwortet 6. März 2023

We're glad to play a small part in the success of NOVEDGE!

20. Oktober 2015

These folks are amazing. The support is totally above and beyond and the service enables me to gate transactions before they go to my fulfillment center for fraud detection. I especially love that we can color code orders in the Order Desk orders view and also the ability to create rules form shopify fields that map with the various fields of our fulfillment services.

Hackaday Store
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1. März 2023

Great app -- highly customizable and reliable. Imports our orders from multiple sources, processes them according to our custom rules.

Lifelong Collectibles
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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
Order Desk hat geantwortet 1. März 2023

Thanks for the kind words!

5. März 2023

As a 3PL, we continue to see Shopify as a popular platform. Integrating Shopify through Order Desk is exceptionally easy. The configuration options they offer and their Rule Builder tool puts a customized integration in our hands without the overhead of custom development. They are constantly improving their app to keep pace with new shopping cart features and are exceptionally attentive to needs of their users. We have been using Order Desk for Shopify and other platforms successfully and happily since 2014. Couldn’t do it without them!

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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
Order Desk hat geantwortet 6. März 2023

Your longtime partnership means the world to us!

28. Februar 2023

1. We've been using Order Desk for 4 years. Functionally, works well.

2. Their support is very attentive to any issues and responds back quickly with good quality responses.

1. They double bill us hundreds of dollars a year. We import thousands of orders from our print-on-demand customers. The flow is such that it goes to one 'store' and then needs to be copied to a 'main store'. This doubles the amount of orders and doubles the amount Order Desk charges us. Their support says there is no other way. At this point, switching over all our customers to another platform would be very expensive in time and money. I wish we knew this from the start.

2. Their support wont do the actual setup steps for you. On complex flows with hundreds of customers, you have to do it while they hold your hand.

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Order Desk hat geantwortet 9. März 2023

Thanks for taking the time to share your honest thoughts with us, and for the kind words about our support team.

To echo our discussion via email, the way that you use Order Desk requires multiple instances of yours orders to exist. To ensure that each order is properly stored and insured, we charge a small fee for each order, whether or not it’s a copy of an existing one from another store.

Thanks again for using Order Desk for as long as you have, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

13. September 2019

Phenomenal, powerful and infinitely customizable, I cannot praise Order Desk enough. It has become the hub of our multi-channel business. Its intuitive rule system gives us near limitless automation options allowing us to put so much of our order/shipment flow on autopilot, as well as build in logic that greatly eliminates the possibility of human error. Their API lets us plug our orders into our entire software stack (including our transactional emails, marketing & accounting). The included scripting language lets us configure our invoices and emails to the finest detail. You need to be prepared to put in the work to set it up, but once you have it really does feel like a bespoke-built solution. Furthermore the support is excellent, fast and well connected to the development team, meaning many support tickets that involve dev work get seen to within days, not months. I look forward to their monthly update email, always announcing a slew of new features and integrations (in very well written, amusing copy I might add). Thank you, team Order Desk!

Photography Backdrop Club
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