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25. März 2016

To make a long story short, stop looking for another order management platform. Stop driving yourself crazy with the limitations of the Shopify platform. Stop thinking you have to do everything one by one or manually. Contact the amazing guys at Orderdesk and if there is a way to solve your problem, they'll tell you.

More importantly though, at least for me and our business, was the way in which Orderdesk told us and the way in which they helped us. They didn’t refer us to some outdated or incomplete support website. They didn’t send us an automated email. They didn’t reply with a request to schedule a telephone call with the sales department a week or two later. They literally spent that night solving our problem and the next morning got on the phone with me and literally spent hours walking me through understanding the platform and how to use it moving forward.

For me, this level of support and personal attention to detail and communication made all the difference when it came to choosing an Order Management platform. Before contacting Orderdesk we had reached out to at least 5 other platforms and in each case we wound up with no clear answer to our questions and more importantly no clear interest or guidance on helping us solve them.

With Orderdesk, the experience was completely different and once again I encourage you to stop shopping around for a solution to your problems, stop endlessly googling a solution like I was such as how to link this piece of data and that piece of data or how to import 4800 tracking numbers into Shopify all at once and simply send these guys an email. You’ll get a real response from a real person who really cares about your solving your problem as much as you do.

Regarding the platform itself and its capabilities, it’s basically been a lifesaver for our business and it's allowed us to grow exponentially faster than we could have otherwise. The platform offers so much in the way of customization and features with its rules and templates as well as endless options for importing and exporting order data to send to and from suppliers that it’s hard for me to say at this point whether there are any limitations. It really seems like anything is possible with Orderdesk.

I can tell you now without hesitation that I will be a lifetime customer of this platform. First and foremost because Orderdesk solved our immediate solution and basically saved us from drowning in the technical limitations of the Shopify platform - they responded and helped us when no one else did and that is something I will never forget. The second reason I will stay with Orderdesk is because it is hard in this day and age to find a company run by someone as honest, reputable and amazingly intelligent as Orderdesk and I have no doubts whatsoever that the platform adds a tremendous amount of value to our business.

In conclusion - stop searching. Stop stressing. Stop worrying whether something is possible and send these guys an email or better yet just sign up for the platform and you’ll see first hand that there is a solution to your problem and it’s really not as complicated as you think it is!

Deal Bungalow
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
16. Februar 2016

Great customer service - fast pinpointing of issues and quick implementation. David was very helpful along the set-up process. Highly recommended.

Institut Katharos
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
28. September 2020

We struggled for years without an OMS and none of the ones I had trialed ever had the flexibility we needed or would pull over the required line item properties from Shopify for our highly customized products. Order Desk checked all of the boxes we needed and for only a fraction the cost of their competitors. The value you get is definitely worth much more than what they charge. I can say without hesitation that Order Desk has completely transformed our business over the last year. Their rules system is so incredibly flexible. I've got about 130 different rules currently and it keeps growing as our business needs grow. The rule system is definitely the heart of the product and it's amazing. Their support team is also top notch and very responsive. I think I ask them at least once a week about some logic on setting up a new rule or requesting to have them develop a new integration with another service we use. They have been incredible and I have nothing but praise for their product and team.

Murphy Door, Inc.
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Order Desk hat geantwortet 29. September 2020

Thanks for taking the time to write this up, Scott. It's always a pleasure!

24. Mai 2019

If I could only give this app 6 stars. I had a very specific need I had been trying to find a solution for...maybe a year. Lots of apps said they couldn't do it and wouldn't entertain any sort of customisation. I talked to the team at Order Desk and it was all a walk in the park, they had a solution for me pretty much on the spot. The customer support is great, first class. The functionality of the app itself is very straightforward and efficient. Though I only use a limited part of the app, it's easy to see there's a hell of a lot of possibilities. Very good pricing structure. Solid!!!!! :)

12 monate mit der App
17. November 2020

Firstly - almost no other apps or services do what Order Desk does. It can stitch together anything to anything (different selling channels <> different fulfillment providers, on-demand printers, etc.). You can craft unique rules for each instance and the platform keeps great logs. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you 'get it', you get it and it is like a box of legos... you can build whatever you can imagine. My favorite part of Order Desk is the support. They were AMAZING when we tried to setup our brand's super odd and different requirements. They helped us debug and test and made recommendations. When one of our main on-demand partners had a MAJOR technical glitch (but wouldn't admit it), Order Desk devs were there to troubleshoot - and talked directly to the on-demand printer to fix the API. Fantastic communication, transparency and an all around great attitude. High fives to Louie, Katie and Pieter over there at Order Desk. You guys rock!

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11 monate mit der App
Order Desk hat geantwortet 17. November 2020

Thanks for the kind words, Charles! High fives are gladly received and reciprocated.

24. Juni 2016

Perfect app to perform bulk actions on orders, that are not an option from within shopify. Support is best ever!

10 monate mit der App
23. September 2016

This is a great app. Lots of powerful features to automate order flow and generating emails, packing slips, updates, etc. Which were our requirements (I am sure it has a lot more functions)
It solved one of our biggest challenges. Which was how to route orders to different vendors (drops shippers) and send sensible updates and packing slips...
The support provided by the Order desk team is exceptional. They really understood what we needed and always replied promptly with detailed instructions on how to set up the system to make things work.
Even added a feature to add more details to the tracking no. fields based on our feedback!
Highly recommend this app if you need to manage orders from different channels and work with different drop shippers.

Lotus Lake
8 monate mit der App
4. Dezember 2019

We wanted to sell personalized products on our store, however needed an app that would could help transfer order information to our fulfillment partner. OrderDesk has been a fantastic app to fill this gap! We have some fairly tricky requirements to make it work, and the support team has always gone above and beyond to help out and make adjustments if needed. The introduction to the app was a little tough if you're not super tech savvy, that being said I wouldn't let that deter you as there is plenty of documentation for guidance. If that fails, the support staff is always willing to hop in and help out. Highly recommend!

Rover Store
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7 monate mit der App
13. Juni 2018

Solid app and great customer service. These guys really care about their customers and products.

Riptide Electric Skateboard
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6 monate mit der App
26. November 2019

OrderDesk has become a necessity for our store. I can't recommend it enough!

It's helped us pull off a number of things that otherwise would have been impossible.

We use OrderDesk to decide where to fulfill products based on customers' shipping addresses. Using Amazon FBA in Canada, UK, Japan, and Australia, this means we can automatically route orders to those specific fulfillment methods automatically.

Since we can do this, we offer free shipping in all of those countries.

We also use it to pull off special bundle offers and other things like that.

On top of being a great app, the support is top-notch. Super helpful in figuring out our unique needs!

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