Order Invoice GST, VAT

Order Invoice GST, VAT


Ability to manage GST taxes & HSN codes product wise.

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有關 Order Invoice GST, VAT

Invoicing Under GST

Under GST invoicing rules and formats have been notified covering details such as supplier’s name, shipping and billing address, HSN Code, GST Tax Calculation.

As per the new government norms, GST is applied differently for intra-state and inter-state sales. GST levied on the intra-State sales by the Centre is known as Central GST (CGST) and that by the States is known as State GST (SGST). Whereas for inter-state sales, only IGST (Integrated GST) is applied which is directly paid to Central Government.

Key Features:

  • Ability to upload GST Percentage and HSN codes for all the products in bulk.
  • Ability to show the state codes on invoices.
  • Ability to show the % tag whether its IGST, CGST OR SGST on all invoices.
  • Customer can input their GST details on cart page.
  • Download weekly/monthly SGST, CGST and IGST tax wise reports.
  • HSN/SAC summary reports.
  • Filter by fulfillment status, financial status
  • Set product prices as including or excluding tax to calculate and display GST.
  • SGST, CGST and IGST are automatically calculated and added to order subtotal.
  • You can bulk download invoices for any particular order even if the order has been created in the past.
  • GST compliant invoices including PDF and emails.

Let's understand this scenario with an example: If your product price is 1100, GST rate is 10%, minimum product price is 2000 and GST rate for the products below minimum set amount is 5%. As the product price is 1100 which is below minimum set price, GST will be calculated considering GST rate as 5% i.e 55.

Set the business origin to auto apply SGST, CGST or IGST based on states of India.

Please note that currently it only support invoices for India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia currency supported is INR



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Blaupunkt India

First day of installment able to generate invoice, today not getting any option for the same and want to implement customer input gst option but its not working well. Please help on priority. We want gst invoice app for our store and really want that thing work with this only


I am using this app to generate Invoices and have linked it to Shopify account, but I am unable to open it now as every time I click on the app its showing error and nothing is coming up and my subscription money is getting deducted ! Please support this is not acceptable



As we have check its been working fine with our app. Screenshots also sent of the staffing account.
Request you to please check it again.

COA Store

Happy with the work till now. Have been using the app for some time now. Generating GST compliant invoices at a click. Great Work!