Digital Takeout: OrderLimits

Digital Takeout: OrderLimits

af Digital Takeout

Easily set minimum and maximum order requirements.

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Stay in control

Sell the way you want by setting order requirements that fits your store or products.

Save time

By setting order requirements that you need, you don't have to cancel orders or contact the buyer.

Save money

Digital Takeout: OrderLimits only costs you a cup of coffee a month!

Om Digital Takeout: OrderLimits

OrderLimits by Digital Takeout allows you to set minimum and maximum values on a range of parameters. For example, OrderLimits can limit a product to 'one per order', or set a max. weight per order so you can manage your shipping fees better.

Create order requirements or limits, based on:

  • Subtotal value
  • Total items in order
  • Number of items
  • Number of items for a specific product
  • Order weight

This app requires no coding and is operated through an easy to use, Shopify integrated interface. OrderLimits is updated regularly and dedicated support is available.

OrderLimits is developed by Digital Takeout — Dedicated to grow your Shopify business and help you work more efficiently. We help power businesses in more then 30 countries and nearly every industry. Please contact us if you have any questions or remarks about this service.



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Seneste anmeldelser

Cassette Comeback

The search bar does not work, does not populate. Every time I need to access a product I have to scroll every single page until i find it. It's a real challenge if the item starts with one of the last letters of the alphabet. Also if you variants, the limit encompasses all variants bundled into one product as opposed to letting you limit the item by variant. What? Did you guys started this platform last week?! POOR!! VERY POOR!

Discount Office

Used it for a while with some issues, but kept using it as we were too busy trying to find a better replacement for it. All the limits we set (100s of them) disappeared one day. Contacted support but no response after more than 24hours.

Response: I did email at but received no replies. We've now uninstalled and have gone a different route. Thanks for the offer.

Udviklerens svar

19. juli 2019

Hi Discount Office!

So sorry to hear you seem to be having issues with our app OrderLimits and support. Please send an email to hello(at)digital and I'll personally look into it and help. Apologies for the inconvenience and I'll be waiting.


The Botanical Candle Company Limited

Perfect for adding a minimum order quantity for our trade website. Dynamic, easy to install and very clear to customers. The message displays when customers haven't got enough item in their cart to checkout which was what we needed to show on our wholesale site.

A great app this easily solves the issue of minimum order quantities and maximum order limits.