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Order Manager

Developed by BOLD

31 reviews
Price: $29.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • FAST "One-Page" Order Management with Custom Statuses, Bulk Actions, Order Merging, Custom Status Pages and more.
  • Add Products, Surcharges or Custom Products to an order EVEN after it's been placed!
  • Allow your Shippers or Sales Reps to login with unique permissions and without going through the Shopify admin. PLUS track their stats!

Here's quick list of all the features of this app:

  • Merge two or more orders together. ✓

  • Create unlimited order statuses. (Backordered, In Assembly etc...) ✓

  • Trigger custom emails with order status changes. ✓

  • Add products or surcharges to existing orders. ✓

  • Upload files to orders (pdf, jpg, png, etc...) ✓

  • Edit existing orders. ✓

  • Print Invoices & Packing Slips for orders. ✓

  • Assign due dates to orders. (great for custom made products) ✓

  • Create custom orders with existing products, modified products, surcharges, or create products on the fly! ✓

  • Add not just public, but "Private" notes to orders too. ✓

  • Manage orders faster by staying on the same page. ✓

  • Create user accounts with different permission levels. (Great for sales or shipping staff) ✓

  • Shipping and Sales staff can login directly without going into your Shopify account. ✓

  • Sub account analytics (see who ships or sells the most product). ✓

  • Customers can track order status without accounts! All they need is their email & order number. ✓

  • Fully customizable customer portal. ✓
  • Here are the details on all the features:

    ✔ Manage Orders Faster with More Control

    When designing the order dashboard in this app we set out to make it as streamlined as possible in order to allow you to process orders drastically faster than before. All the necessary details needed to fulfill, manage, edit and even add to orders are accessible on one page. Simply expand or collapse orders as you need and manage everything without going back and forth between pages.

    ✔ Custom Statuses

    Add one, or as many custom status options to your order management as you like! Some common examples might be Backordered, In Production, In Assembly, Waiting for Parts... etc.

    Not only will customers be able to view the new custom statuses you create in your special order lookup page (discussed below), but you can also trigger a custom email with the status update and all the details of what that status means.

    ✔ Merge Orders

    Your eyes are not deceiving you, it's true! If you use this app to manage your orders you can merge multiple orders together! Have you ever had a customer with more than one order outstanding at a time? Normally you'd write notes in the note field that they have another outstanding order and hopefully your shipping guys catch that. It's not ideal.

    Well worry no more! Not only can you merge orders together but the app will indicate on the order if there's another open order with the same ship-to address. It almost does all the work for you! And yes, if you need you can always un-merge orders too.

    ✔ Edit Existing Orders

    There is probably not a store-owner out there that has not wanted to add a product or charge to an existing order that has already been placed and paid. Maybe you want to upgrade the shipping, maybe the customer calls and wants to add an item that they forgot. There are many reasons this can happen, and if you manage your orders through this app here's what you can do:


      A surcharge is simply a way to add a charge to an existing order. The most common use of this feature is when a customer wants to upgrade shipping and you just want to charge them the difference. There are many other reasons you might need to add a surcharge such as custom engraving, embroidery, or any other after the fact add-on. Now it's as easy as finding the original order and adding it!


      Have you ever had a customer complete an order online only to realize that they forgot something? When they call to request you add it in there's really no good way to do it and charge them for the difference without them going through the checkout again, paying shipping again etc... Now there is! With this app you just simply find the original order and click "Add Product" and enter the customer's credit card info yourself, or send them a payment link to complete the payment.


      With this app you can also create an order, or add to an existing order, with a totally custom product that doesn't exist on your store! This is great if you sell totally custom one of a kind items or anything you don't normally list on your site.

    • ✔ Create New Custom Orders

      Not only can you add surcharges, products, and custom products to existing orders, you can create totally brand new orders with all these as well. You could use this for taking phone orders, fulfilling a sales quote or just about anything.

      ✔ Assign Due Dates to orders

      If you sell custom made products there's a good chance they need to be done by a certain day. A suit or wedding dress is a good example of that. With this app you can assign due dates to orders and then sort by due date to make sure you're working on the right orders first!

      ✔ Attach Files to Orders

      Have you ever wished you could attach a file to an order? Maybe a sales slip, the measurements, or the order details? Well now you can :-) You can attach one, or as many files as you like to an order!

      ✔ Sub Accounts: Sales & Shipper Only Admin

      With this app you can create sub user accounts where you can let users login directly to the app (without going through the Shopify admin) to do certain things you give them permission to do.

      For example, if you'd like to have your shipping staff fulfill orders without logging into your Shopify admin, and you'd like to restrict certain permissions on each shipper's account, you can do that!

      ✔ Sub Accounts Analytics & Reports

      On top of just allowing sub accounts in your store, you can track them! You can see things such as how many orders someone entered, shipped, their average order size and more.

      ✔ Bulk Actions

      Save time when you manage orders with bulk actions. From the main order dashboard there are a number of bulk actions you can do such as:

      • Bulk fulfill orders

      • Bulk capture payment

      • Bulk archive orders

      • Bulk combine orders

      • ... and a few others!

      ✔ Public notes AND Private Notes

      You've always had the ability to add notes to an order. The problem is everyone, including your customers, can see them. When you manage orders with this app you can add PRIVATE notes too! We all know sometimes you need to add a note to an order that you don't want your customers to see ;-)

      ✔ Customer Admin for Order Lookups

      Have you ever wished customers without an account in your store could still look up their order status on your site? When you install this app it creates a special Order Status page. All they need is their email address and order number and they can look up any order! If you manage your orders with this app all your custom statuses will be there too, but even if you don't use the app for the order management they can still look up order status. It's kinda like an app within an app!

      Here's an example of how this works.

      We should also note that absolutely everything about the way this order status screen looks is 100% customizable. Fonts, colors, backgrounds, sizing, even the wording in the headers other areas!

      Q - Is there liquid code required for this app to work?

      A - Most of the app works just fine without a liquid install. However, the feature of adding custom products to an order requires it. If you're comfortable editing liquid you can do it yourself by following the instructions here. If you're not comfortable with liquid, no problem! We can do it for you :-) We offer a full installation for $10.00. Don't worry, if you decide the app is not for you and uninstall it before the trial period we offer a 100% refund on that.

      Q - If I use another app for shipping integration can I use this app?

      A - You bet! Behind every order in this app is an actual order in Shopify. So any other app that you currently use that pulls orders for shipping, or any other purpose, will continue to work in the same way.


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Order Manager reviews

31 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

I have been using this app on www.autopartscheaper.com This app is a lot better than the shopify standard orders screen. It could use some additional customization, but right out of the box, it is a great product.


Been using the app for many months now however this past week I started to have problems. The app started to behave differently specifically when adding custom items to existing orders. This is a key feature that I use dozens of times every week and now it has turned into a major headache for me.

I've been going back and forth with support and am amazed how sometimes the level 1 guys at Bold simply do not know their own apps. I received replies saying "this is how the app is supposed to behave" even though I know for a fact that isn't true. Very upsetting!

​This is by far the most expensive app I use at USD 3​0/month. I need it working perfectly, otherwise I'm better off saving the money and finding a different solution.


Just had the app installed and so far it's great. Customer support was extremely quick and everything is working wonderfully.


Great App works like a Champ! Pay the extra $10 dollar fee for Bold Apps to install the code...No Problems at all.!


Love this app! Great for managing orders and creating new custom orders. I also really love the order status options. http://shop.growingupgoddess.com


World class customer service and support. I recommend Bold apps to anyone looking for a trustworthy, friendly and amazing service.


love the app, great customer service


I've had a chance to let this app get rolling. I really like it! If you are taking tons of orders then this will only make your life much easier down the road. What? You're still reading this? Download it already!


I have been using this app for a few weeks and it's help a lot and the customers that do call just call to tell us they love the new feature we added to our site. I would highly recommend this app to anyone.


This app is helpful from the customer end so it does cut down on some emails from customers asking for status. The one thing that I can't seem to do is bulk update statuses which is a pain in the butt when you have a lot of orders. You have go one by one to update the status. You can bulk update to fulfilled/ archived etc -- but you can't bulk update to the statuses you set for you store (eg in production etc...) This needs to be updated to be more efficient.

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