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12. juli 2024

LIES as usual !
Free version doesn't exist.
Impossible to do anything without subscribing for $10 USD.

Will be reported as misleading and false advertisement!


Car Wireless Mobile Phone Chargers
12 minutter bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 13. juli 2024

Thanks for the review. To avoid such situations in the future, we would suggest reading the Pricing section before installing apps. As explained in the Pricing section, the free plan is for stores with less than 50 orders per month. You do need to subscribe to the plan that matches your own store, with all plans having a free trial so you can try the app risk free first.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg

5. marts 2024

There is no function to delete the Logo Pic so i tried to uninstall and install again but it wont let me reinstall it a second time.

36 minutter bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 7. marts 2024

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you had troubles re-installing the app. The app can be re-installed by clicking the "Get App" button above, or by using the install links found on our website and/or help center.

Our support team have also sent you the direct link to your email, and are more than happy to help if you need help with anything else in the future :)

Hope it helps, and wish you a wonderful week!

Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Pro by FORSBERG+two

4. april 2024

Mir zeigt es auf einmal nur noch die letzten 12 Rechnungen an. Ich finde nirgends die zurückliegenden Rechnungen. Absolute Katastrophe da ich ALLE Rechnungen benötige für meine Steuererklärung! Vielleicht meldet sich ja hier wer von Support. ?!

12 måneder bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 6. april 2024

Guten tag, and thank you for the feedback. Our support team has reached out to you with instructions on how you can easily access and generate documents for any order in your store using the app, including historical orders :)

Note: Leaving 1-star reviews with questions or support queries is generally a lot slower than contacting our support team directly. Shopify delays publishing reviews for up to 24 hours. Our support team is available 24/7, 7 days a week and have an average reply time of under 20 minutes.

We are more than happy to help with any questions or help you require.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Business Owner - Order Printer Pro by FORSBERG+two

11. september 2023

FRAUDULENT! Steer clear from this app.. they don't even tell you this or update you but they've been charging me $10 / month for YEARS. And I had no idea nor did I ever approve these charges.

Cirka 3 år bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 13. september 2023

To give some true context on this review. Decoralist installed the app and approved the app charges in 2020, as can be seen both in the Shopify Partner Dashboard, and on their own activity feed. We've provided screenshots of this from Shopify's own systems etc.

They've then forgotten they installed the app, even though Order Printer Pro would have been both showing in their Installed apps list, and on their monthly Shopify invoice every month since they installed and approved the app subscription.

They've now come to us and demanded a refund for 3 years that they "didn't know" they had the app installed. We gave 3 months refund, which we feel is fair, especially when such words as "fraudulent" are being thrown around.

Long story short, they installed and subscribed to the app, demanded a refund 3 years later, and are now leaving this review because they didn't get their way.

It's rare that strange situations come up like this, thankfully. Hopefully our other 800+ 5 star reviews help show what we are really about.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - FORSBERG+two

30. marts 2020

I am really frustrated with this app. I have repeatedly asked this group how to remove the unnecessary information that displays at the top and bottom of every invoice. They will-not provide the information.

paxton hardware ltd
Mere end et år bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 30. marts 2020

I'm sorry you are frustrated, but we have replied to all of your emails with instructions on how to remove the header/footer info added by your browser.

We've tried to help you, even though you have been rude and abusive each time you've contacted us.

Please uninstall the app, we don't accept this type of behaviour.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Pro by FORSBERG+two

9. januar 2023

Unübersichtlich, Rechnungen werden teils gar nicht erstellt. Für 3 Bestellungen im Monat OK....Alles andere Schmutz!

Mere end et år bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 9. januar 2023

Guten Morgen,

I'm sorry to see you didn't have a good experience with our app. I checked our support tools and it looks like you haven't contact support before, so we'd love to hear from you so we can help with any issues you are having.

Our support team is available 24/7 using the in-app contact widget, or on

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Pro by FORSBERG+two

In German:

Es tut mir leid zu sehen, dass Sie keine guten Erfahrungen mit unserer App gemacht haben. Ich habe unsere Support-Tools überprüft und es sieht so aus, als hätten Sie den Support noch nie kontaktiert. Wir würden uns also freuen, von Ihnen zu hören, damit wir Ihnen bei allen Problemen helfen können.

Unser Support-Team ist rund um die Uhr über das In-App-Kontakt-Widget oder unter erreichbar

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Björn Forsberg
Gründer - Order Printer Pro von FORSBERG+two

19. juli 2020

Takes Too much to Load the orders., If we select 50 order in orders dashboard it takes more than 30 minutes to print.

Itsy Bitsy
12 måneder bruger appen
5. august 2020

Das Bestellformular ging bei mir nicht. Der Support hat es in 1,5 Wochen auch nicht hinbekommen. Ich habe es gelöscht.

10 måneder bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 6. august 2020

Thanks for the review, and sorry for the frustration. We have been emailing with you multiple times over the past week, trying to help you with the issue and providing multiple solutions. I see that you did not try the solution we sent over in our last mail, we'd love to help further if you would like to.

Ps. You are posting the review on the wrong app, you were using our OrderlyEmails app ;)

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - FORSBERG+two

22. juni 2021

It advertises that theres a free plan available. After downloading the app, it forces you to pay $10 a month

Street Aero
7 måneder bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 23. juni 2021

Thank you for your review. However, I think there is some confusion or misunderstanding here.

Based on the number of orders your store had in the past month (don't want to post the actual number publicly here), the app is correct in asking you to subscribe to the paid plan. You are a long way over the free plan limit of 50 orders a month.

You are correct that the app has a free plan, for stores with less than 50 orders a month. For stores with more than 50 orders a month, the app costs $10/month for unlimited orders. The app will not charge you anything if you have less than 50 orders a month.

Again, you can see the full details of our pricing plans in the "Pricing" section of our Shopify App Store listing.

Hope that makes sense. Please let us know if any questions come up, and have a great day!

Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Pro by FORSBERG+two

26. maj 2020

customer service just ignores... no reply for days... app is not bad, but not
worth the money in my opinion.

njom FOODS
7 måneder bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 27. maj 2020

Sorry to hear you didn't receive the reply we sent to you. The support team did reply the same day with the information requested. See screenshot:

Our team has forwarded that to you again now, in case it got lost somehow :)

Many thanks,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Pro by FORSBERG+two