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Does what it's supposed to do, but I would advice against going with this plugin since they're not supporting all the liquid variables that you may need. We spent a lot of time setting up the app and when the time came to add one of the standard fields (HS-codes) it turns out this wasn't possible.

Reached out to their support but unfortunately they didn't want to support it.

Paralenz Europe
使用應用程式 7個月
FORSBERG+two ApS 已回覆 2019年5月7日

UPDATE: This has now been added to the app, so you can include HS Tariff codes and Country of Origin for products, using the following variables in the templates:

{{ line_item.hs_tariff_code }}
{{ line_item.country_of_origin }}

Hope it helps :)


Thanks for the feedback, and sorry we couldn't provide the needed functionality at the moment. As mentioned in my reply to you, this is something we very much want to support, however there are some technical challenges in getting the HS Tariff codes specifically. It's still something I am working on though :)

Many thanks,


Not so great. I got a response that didn't address the issue. If you fit perfectly in their realm, great. I did not and they didn't really know how to address it; they gave me directions, which I followed, but it didn't address my needs. Perhaps they're using a bot and they're not able to deal directly with potential clients. Not good.
I gave them two stars because I feel bad about giving anyone who is trying to create a business only one star.

Gray Lane Beauty
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FORSBERG+two ApS 已回覆 2020年3月10日

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, and sorry you weren’t happy.

It was certainly not a bot answering you, it was me.

You were asking for a completely custom template design, outside of the template types we have available in the app.

As mentioned, it is possible to create custom templates in the app using HTML, CSS and Liquid.. however I cannot offer to create that custom design for you.

I also provided info on a team that could help you with your custom template.

I’d love to know what else I could have done further.

All the best,
Bjorn Forsberg

Founder - Order Printer Pro by FORSBERG+two