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11. august 2021

I used this app to quickly access a nice invoice template as I have zero coding experience. 5 stars here. The samples on offer were great and my reasons for giving 4 stars are; I would love to be able to modify text blocks a little more than is allowed. I also think it would be great to have an accurate preview option so the alignment of modified text input can be seen as it would appear on the final document. However, considering we got nearly exactly what we wanted without knowing our CSS from our HTML, happy days! Thank you to the developer!

Veldskoen Germany GmbH
En dag bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 13. august 2021

Thanks very much for the great and constructive review :) I'd love to hear more about the text block suggestions you have, and also to see if the alignment issue you mentioned is something we can fix during edit.

I'll reach out to you via email, so we can continue the conversation there.

Thanks again and have a wonderful Friday!

Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Templates by FORSBERG+two

5. februar 2020

Nice "buffet" of templates, really easy to design, we havn´t used it in real life so long, but it seems to work!

14 dage bruger appen
8. maj 2020

i was not able to install the Templates yet... it always comes an ERROR when I was trying to copy then CODE

2 dage bruger appen
4. august 2018

The only reason I drop 1 star is the word break for the notes, it makes a large message or multiple discounts look like gibberish.

Otherwise it is a great program and easy to use.

3 dage bruger appen
14. marts 2016

easy and quick handling. works perfectly and is a great help!

Deutschland Fanshirts
6 dage bruger appen
24. maj 2022

I picked 3 stars because the packing slips are beautiful, a much needed upgrade to the Shopify packing slips. That was the reason I wanted this app, to have nice-looking packing slips. HOWEVER - you can't print the packing slips from the same page that you fulfill the order. In order to use these beautiful templates, you must install their Order Printer App, which is totally fine, also a free app. But to USE the app, and therefore these packing slip templates, you have to 1) fulfill the order, 2) exit out of the order itself back to your Shopify Orders page, 3) select the checkbox next to the order and click "Print with Order Printer App," 4) be taken to the Order Printer App page, THEN you can print from their dashboard. For one or two orders, it's annoying but not a huge deal. But if you're fulfilling a lot of orders at one time, it's a hassle to have to fulfill the orders on one page, then go somewhere else just to print the packing slips, especially when the default Shopify setup is to be able to print packing slips AND shipping labels all from one screen.

Florious Beauty
8 måneder bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 25. maj 2022

Thanks very much for the review and the feedback! I totally understand what you mean, and I wish there was a way to improve that. The templates are made for the Order Printer app, and so you do need to use/access the Order Printer app when using the template.

Unfortunately we have no way of adding additional functionality, or a way to open the Shopify Order Printer app, from the Shopify fulfillment page. It can be opened from the Orders page, or when viewing an individual order (Actions menu).

It's something we have requested and passed feedback on to the Shopify team, so fingers crossed they add that ability at some point.

Thanks again!
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder- Order Printer Templates by FORSBERG+two

31. august 2020

As is SO OFTEN the case with Shopify apps, this has the potential to be a great app but our user experience has been weakened by what seems like a bug.

Any changes/edits we make in the template loses the custom font size on the integrated customer labelling we require in our delivery order template and we have to return to the template html code to manually reset it each time.

Had to do it again this week after flagging this and getting support in May 2020.

STABLE of Ireland
4 måneder bruger appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarede 2. september 2020

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review and sorry to hear you were frustrated :(

Unfortunately there is no way for the editor to know about any manual changes made to the template code, after it is exported from the app. It's something we would love to support, but it's technically not possible.

Please do let us know if you have any other feedback, or need help with anything else.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Templates by FORSBERG+two

Redigeret 4. september 2017

It's an easy to use app and a very handy template for a one time purchase, it's great. However, the template doesn't work when you selected all orders to be printed all at once and wanting to safe papers for two sided printing per order. It literally print two orders in one sheet of paper if you do so. Therefore, to manually print one order at a time is a waste of effort. Because of this, I'm giving a neutral feedback.

Mere end et år bruger appen
Redigeret 4. juni 2018

I've only tried the packing lists and it doesn't work. If the order has a line with 3 items and 2 are fulfilled and one unfilled, it reports all as unfulfilled. Unfortunately this seems to be a limitation which is out of control of the developer as shopify order app does not allow access to this information.

Uniform Kits
10 måneder bruger appen
12. oktober 2020

Nice designs, but they're not very customizable. The designs look nice, but they're missing fields necessary for international shipping. I'm a software developer, so I have no problem editing HTML/CSS, but the code is not friendly to editing and is inflexible in many ways that make it difficult to add/remove elements from the template.

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