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Datum úprav: 17. březen 2017

The address area would be better if it was always in the same place so that when folded it shows in the address windows of typical parcel packaging.
Also the address, when printed, does not show as it does when displayed on screen. It would be better to have adress1 and adress2 lines appear on separate lines in the printed invoice as they do when displayed on the screen.
For most people what they bought is the most important thing, but the area of the invoice printer allowed for this is too small, so that any multiple items on the order end up flowing onto another page.
I have made some changes to the code to get closer to what I need. As a free add on it's great, but I will be looking for something more functional.

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16. srpen 2018

Not working at all today. never had this problem before but I have many orders to fullfill and I cant. Error message says "will take a look at it soon"

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23. červen 2020

stopped working - please fix as i have purchased a template to use with this app and now i cannot access

Tassie Bird and Poultry Supplies
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1. listopad 2016

I definitely like the organization of the order items when printing. I do not like how when I bulk print (The whole reason I wanted this) Each consecutive order printed looses details and lines. Messing with margins helps a little, but there is something wrong.

Red Cap Juice Co
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7. říjen 2020

This app includes items that have been cancelled or refunded, even though it is marked quantity 0, this is very confusing on the receipt printed. Any time the order is edited to add/remove items, this app prints out both the removed items and new items. It also doesn't work on iphone, so you must use the desktop interface to print your packing slips. Needs improvement.

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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 9. říjen 2020

Hi, there! Thank you for leaving your feedback here. I'd like to find out more about your packing slips printing out removed items - I'll send you an email shortly and we can troubleshoot this together. Thanks! - Brie, Shopify Support

3. leden 2017

An app to add a basic function to Shopify. Basic forms, no proper tools to change forms and is sometimes very slow, specially when printing from POS.

Must have, but could be better.


Llb Uk
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6. únor 2016

The app does nice job printing bulk packing slips and invoice. It was fairly easy to add. If it also bulk printed labels that would be helpful. To be honest if it does not integrate all the bulk actions needed to fulfil orders it really has little value to me. Nice to have but If I didn't have it I wouldn't notice. I agree should be integrated into shopify. There are other services than shopify and I'm looking them over.

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8. červenec 2020

Seems to work fine for me, needed to update the code in the template to include shipping method, but why order printing isn't built into shopify is BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION. Should be part of the platform, it's a basic necessity for any online store!

Impulse Boutique
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14. duben 2022

注文の商品点数が変わった時に、明細に最終的な数量が反映できませんでした。 Liquid変数を比べてみたところ、
注文管理>明細書を印刷する で出力する明細書は {% for line_item in line_items_in_shipment %} が使えますが、
Order Printerだと {% for line_item in line_items%}しか使えません。 これが原因かと思うのですが、どちらも同じ変数が使えるようになりませんか?

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30. červen 2020

Hola me gustaría saber cómo ajustar los textos a distintas impresoras, ya que al imprimir en impresora termica no se ve bien y si se imprime en una impresora normal una sola orden ocupa una hoja tamaño carta entera.

Kawen Outdoor
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