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Bearbeitet am 25. August 2023

Product discount variables are not working for 3 months now, please fix it. Other than this issue the app worked fine.

Edit: App got updated, it's now fixed, thank you!!

MAD Heaters
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Shopify hat geantwortet 23. August 2023

Hi, thanks for your review. If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to contact our live support team about this so that we can investigate the situation in more detail from our end. You can start the contact process via our Help Center here: https://shopify.link/qLKl. -Kimi, Shopify Support

6. September 2023

Very useful software, although sometimes there are some problems, but finally fixed, I will always use

Level Stores
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
10. Juni 2023

really good for invoice & packing list print out. we can make the customized design for invoice & packing list.

Easy Buy Online Store Myanmar
11 monate mit der App
7. Februar 2023

very nice looking templates that were easy to use. As with most things in the Shopify cart you need this add on app to make your invoices look good.

Humanity Organics
Vereinigte Staaten
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25. März 2014

It does what it says but not more. We are happily using it for our printed t shirts shop

Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa 9 jahre mit der App
14. Juli 2015

Does exactly what it needs to do. It is simple enough to use that anybody who manages the website intuitively can print the order prior to fulfillment.

Mehr als 8 jahre mit der App
8. März 2017

Very easy to use and great for getting branded invoices to put in the parcels. Cheers!

Rook Records
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Mehr als 7 jahre mit der App
1. März 2016

Code For Packing slip including items but not price can be made by creating a new template and combining the code in the two templates provided.

Sheet Metal Caps
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29. Oktober 2013

Great app, we got help from Shopify to include our logo and that has really increased the value of this app!! Before we used a word template, and this is now completely converted into an automated process which will save us minutes per order, great stuff!!

Mehr als 7 jahre mit der App
17. Juni 2016

I installed this app when I first opened my Shopify store nearly two years ago and will finally get around to working some of the features.....right out of the box it worked great and the one issue with the placement on the page and the font size was corrected very quickly.

Beads And Dangles
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