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2014년 12월 15일

I downloaded this because a packing slip is pretty basic when you're filling orders, but theirs is useless. It only prints the sender and recipient address on it, no order information.

You can print an invoice which gives you all the order info, but this document isn't marked PAID anywhere on it, so this is useless, too. Customizing requires quite a bit of work and using Liquid. For me, a useless app.

Local Color Collection
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2020년 10월 14일

The app is very slow to load orders, as a consequence when printing batches (not even particularly big batches) orders are often missing. This is a problem as it means we have to double check that the order printer has done what it's supposed to do (printed orders!) and inevitably from time to time we miss a few - which isn't great for our customers. We do our best to give the app time to work, but even so the problem recurs. Any thoughts on how / when this might be corrected would be appreciated.

Hodmedod's British pulses, grains, seeds, flour & more
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답글 Shopify개 2020년 10월 16일

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review and bring your experience to our attention. There is a maximum of 50 orders printable at a time, and larger orders (2000+ products) may display errors. In your case, it's possible that not all the orders are loading before selecting print, causing certain orders to skip. After selecting the orders to print and as the Order printer page loads, allow the page to load for 30 seconds.

If after doing this you're continuing to experience the same issue, we'd be happy to take a closer look at it on our end here. I've gone ahead and sent you an email to discuss this further - hope to hear back from you soon! - Ryder, Shopify Support

2017년 1월 22일

Not working. Can't print my packing slips. Page is blank when you go to the app.

Sweets By Jubilee Favors
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2021년 2월 10일에 편집됨

Shopify now adds ADVERTISEMENTS FOR SHOPIFY to the bottom of every shipping label printed with Shopify Shipping...and they confirm this is intentional and there's no way to get them to remove these advertisements. Definitely a strong possibility they are going to start adding Shopify advertisements to transaction emails next.

Emerald Energy
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답글 Shopify개 2021년 2월 11일

Thank you for writing your review and I can appreciate your comments on this change. We are open to merchant feedback and I will be sure to submit yours to our development team for their consideration. -Victor, Shopify Support

2019년 11월 5일

Using this on Safari is a nightmare, like others said it's just server error. Have to login from Chrome to work. Decent app otherwise.

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2018년 9월 26일에 편집됨

Not working here either. Whats going on please?Not working on safari or chrome. All printing has become an issue.

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2018년 10월 9일

The app is not working in the latest Safari update. Please fix this issue. It is useless in its present state.

Ten Avenues Press
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2020년 10월 20일

Can't use this without the print button. Peak time of year as well... help :) A great app when it's working for bulk.

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답글 Shopify개 2020년 10월 23일

Hey, there! We experienced a brief app issue around the time you left this review, which caused the print button to be missing when trying to print bulk orders. This should now be resolved, however I'll follow up with you via email shortly to check if you're still having trouble with it. Cheers! - Brie, Shopify Support

2019년 2월 5일

Still no update to work with safari?!?!? Its been 3 months guys....sort it out!!

Salad Days
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2017년 1월 23일

I really could do with this being fixed, it has always been a little slow but now isn't working at all! It's holding up my orders!

Rosie Lea Tea Ltd
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