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2015년 5월 17일

Good apps for my customer. Good job!

Shopify Vietnam
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2015년 4월 9일

This app is required, why it's not included by default is puzzling.

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2013년 9월 27일

This app is promoted and advertised with the compelling feature that it will print labels. Please allow me to provide some clarification to this claim. The Order Printer app does NOT print traditional sheets of adhesive address labels. More specifically, I have the standard 8.5"x11" sheets with 30 adhesive address labels per sheet. I wrote the HTML for my own custom template designed to fit the label sheets I use. However, the Order Printer app won't populate the customer's shipping information into the labels appropriately. Instead of inserting customer 1 on label 1, customer 2 on label 2 (and so on, etc.), the Order Printer app inserts customer 1 into all 30 address labels and then creates a second page where customer 2 is inserted into all 30 address labels (and so on, etc.). Shopify support has informed me that the Order Printer app was not designed to work the way I'm intending to use it. Which begs the question, why promote this app with the #2 selling point of "prints labels?" And why promote that the app allows the creation of custom templates if there are limitations to the customization? In an attempt to remain somewhat objective towards this app, it will print labels as advertised... just one label at a time... a single label for a single customer that consumes an entire 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. Not very efficient.

Jon McLaughlin
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2015년 6월 6일에 편집됨

Why use this you ask? If you are the shipper and not drop shipping then this will print a better packing slip then the default Shopify one will. Goes, sets up in minutes. Very simple and FREE

Fifty Shades of Intimacy
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2016년 2월 9일

Great app, been using this to print our invoices for over a year now.

The August Beard
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2014년 11월 20일

This app really helps us to print bulk orders. This app has cut down our order printing time just in time for the Holidays.

Big Belly Banks
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2014년 12월 19일에 편집됨

I'm amazed by the 5 star reviews on this. I personally was really hopeful that this app when i found it would reduce my workload and simplify the order process. Its a big FAIL on this requitrement because of the the coding within the app. That's the really anoying thing is that Shopify Guru's, people with the skills to easily fix this badly thought through app just won't fix it and know about it.

The printer does not work on intergrated labels. The address is at the bottom of the sheet which then moves down the sheet as more orders get added, going onto another print page making it not work. Solution - redo the code so that the address peal off part is at the top and remains in a perfect position every time no matter how long the order. PLEASE FIX THIS SHOPIFY, html coding is easy for you and a nightmare for normal everyday people like us who are also trying to run a business.

Inadequate tax breakdown for me in the UK VAT. Another issue raisesd with Shopify, another one pushed under the carpet. For order printer to work correctly we should see a NET figure(s) - The Vat/Tax on the order - The Gross total. Nice and clear for me and the customer who might also be looking to claim back the vat if they are registered.

If this app did the above correctly it would be AMAZING !!!! it would literally mean a really smooth transition of order to posting while also ticking off the invoice/vat requirement I have to perform.

This really is not a 5 star app but it so easily could be if Shopify made it work better.

Obe & Co Web Shop
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2013년 7월 16일

Similar to Pixel Printer but with a better looking invoice design and the ability to print invoices in bulk.

Designed Eyewear
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2017년 11월 16일에 편집됨

Originally I thought the app was horrible as it did not show the details from the Bold Apps - Product Options.

It does show the options now but they are all messed up when a customer chooses multiple products.

So how do we print our orders?

앱 사용 기간 3년 초과
2015년 3월 31일

Works good and easy to install.

Apoc Industries
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