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27 december 2013

Great App. Thanks to Shopify for this tool !

DropShipping Webs
App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan 6 jaar
23 december 2013

Great little app.
Does exactly what it says it does.

Studio Ve
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 3 jaar
20 december 2013

Excellent little app that is very easy to install and start using straight away. To customise your invoice some know-how is needed but not too intensive. This app can be a little buggy when printing off several orders as it the printer will spit out a series of blank pages but it's not a major issue and quite frankly, a professional looking invoice outweighs this negative.

Chuckit Dog Toys UK
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 5 jaar
29 oktober 2013

great app for printing orders.

but how I wish that it was possible to view older edited templates and to be able to view the default invoice template!

Maria Black Jewellery
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 4 jaar
29 oktober 2013

Great app, we got help from Shopify to include our logo and that has really increased the value of this app!! Before we used a word template, and this is now completely converted into an automated process which will save us minutes per order, great stuff!!

App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan 7 jaar
Bewerkt 17 oktober 2017

Print invoices easily and edit templates using this app! thanks and works great with my store!

Www Safety Label Co Uk
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 4 jaar
28 september 2013

I was delighted to finally have an app to automate my invoicing. Right know I have to copy paste all my Shopify data into an Excel template.

Unfortunately the layout of this Shopify invoide is standard and can only be modified by an html-specialist. For simple mortals like me, this way to complicated. The idea of an invoicing app is great, but it will have be improved a lot before I will be able to use it.

Please keep working on it Shopify-people, so that hopefully in a few months I can automate my invoicing and review this rating.

App gebruikt gedurende 3 minuten
27 september 2013

This app is promoted and advertised with the compelling feature that it will print labels. Please allow me to provide some clarification to this claim. The Order Printer app does NOT print traditional sheets of adhesive address labels. More specifically, I have the standard 8.5"x11" sheets with 30 adhesive address labels per sheet. I wrote the HTML for my own custom template designed to fit the label sheets I use. However, the Order Printer app won't populate the customer's shipping information into the labels appropriately. Instead of inserting customer 1 on label 1, customer 2 on label 2 (and so on, etc.), the Order Printer app inserts customer 1 into all 30 address labels and then creates a second page where customer 2 is inserted into all 30 address labels (and so on, etc.). Shopify support has informed me that the Order Printer app was not designed to work the way I'm intending to use it. Which begs the question, why promote this app with the #2 selling point of "prints labels?" And why promote that the app allows the creation of custom templates if there are limitations to the customization? In an attempt to remain somewhat objective towards this app, it will print labels as advertised... just one label at a time... a single label for a single customer that consumes an entire 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. Not very efficient.

Jon McLaughlin
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14 september 2013

Seen some iffi reviews before us but must say we have had no problems at all. Hope we're not missing something obvious but so far everything is fine

FelinFach Handmade Textiles
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
11 september 2013

It would be great if design process was more intuitive. Right now you can only use html.

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden