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6 de março de 2016

We have been using order printer for about a year. Nice looking invoices! So much better than the basic Shopify invoice/packing list.

Great support also. Amazing considering that it's free!

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 7 anos usando o app
11 de fevereiro de 2017

Perfect! Love what I'm able to achieve with this app :)

United Bracelets
Aproximadamente 7 anos usando o app
2 de junho de 2016

It's important to make sure every point of contact with the customer is on brand and this app really helps to create professional looking invoices

Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 7 anos usando o app
3 de abril de 2017

This app is excellent. I use it on every order.

Isk Pro Audio
Aproximadamente 7 anos usando o app
14 de outubro de 2016

This has made our printouts for orders really easy to understand, and they look much better than the default that comes with Shopify. Useful for our packing team and our customers.

Evitality Ca
Quase 7 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 10 de novembro de 2021

This app works well and is easy to install. This app does what its claims do and is easy to manage. Customer service is friendly and ready to help. I recommend this app to all. https://www.kinkytoy.store

Yourturnkeystore 243
Mais de 6 anos usando o app
10 de outubro de 2017

Help automate the tasks in your office with this app, works well.

Reino Unido
Mais de 6 anos usando o app
3 de maio de 2015

Really easy to use with good functionality. We use this app for each order. Thanks!

Estados Unidos
Mais de 6 anos usando o app
10 de setembro de 2015

Nice, simple to use, app for printing order details.

Scene By Scene
Mais de 6 anos usando o app
1 de outubro de 2014

This is the first app we install when we launch a new store. Simply to use and gets the job done.

- BootCuffSocks.com

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 6 anos usando o app