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It worked well for 2 years but now will not print multiple orders on some printers. Shopify Support variously blamed our computers, our network, Google Chrome, our template, and finally blamed the printer manufacturer. They suggested I employ a Shopify Expert to remake our Order Printer Template. When I said it would be cheaper to buy new printers, but it was on them if that didn't work out, they said I shouldn't do that. So Im stuck, and annoyed.
Please don't suggest I contact Support again, since that was ultimately a waste of time the first time around, and I do not expect any improvement. Just let me know when this is fixed.

使用應用程式 接近2年
Shopify 已回覆 2023年6月16日

I'm sorry to hear that the app hasn't been working as well for you as it used to. It's important for our team to consider all troubleshooting possibilities to get to the bottom of the issue, which is why we may ask about browsers, devices, networks, and anything else that may be interfering. The team handling your ticket will be able to share your concerns with our developers. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. -Sophia, Shopify Support


Can only echo the reviews below. This app was working until last week when we just became unable to print to PDF (app just crashes).

Update: uninstalling and re-installing the app seemed to help (something Shopify support somehow couldn't come up with). Make sure you first save your templates somewhere else!

Solid Stash
使用應用程式 2年多
Shopify 已回覆 2023年6月16日

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and sharing the troubleshooting steps. While we haven't ruled out reinstalling the app as an option, our development team is currently investigating this issue. If you're still experiencing intermittent issues after the reinstallation, then please get in touch with us via the Shopify Help Center (https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA) so we can collect some logs for our Technical team and resolve this issue. Thanks again! -Elias, Shopify Support


Not working properly and support doesn't help. Can't print multiple orders which is very annoying which it was it was meant for

Totally Thomas Town
使用應用程式 大約8年
Shopify 已回覆 2023年8月8日

Hi, thanks for your review. Our Order Printer app currently limits bulk printing to 50 orders—while you may not see an error, if you select more than 50 orders the system will most likely direct you to the Order Printer app dashboard instead.

This is the current expected behaviour, however we understand the importance of being able to bulk print more than 50 orders at a time. I'll be sure to pass this on to our internal development team, so that they're aware of the needs that you've expressed with us here in your review.

If you're still running into issues when attempting to print less than 50 orders in bulk however, please contact our live support team once more by logging in to your store via the Help Center: https://shopify.link/VRd6 so that we can further assist. Thanks! -Kimi, Shopify Support


This app has always had some issues, especially when printing multiple orders but now it literally does NOT WORK AT ALL. Unless you print ONE AT A TIME you can't print. I contacted support but no answers yet.

Adorably Amy Designs
使用應用程式 大約4年
Shopify 已回覆 2023年6月10日

Hi, Amy. Thanks for getting in touch. I regret to hear about the challenges you are currently facing. Our support team would be more than happy to take a closer look into this. If you've already contacted our team, a support ticket should have been created. I recommend replying directly to your existing ticket to continue communicating with our team. - Victoria, Shopify Support.


I have been using this app for 9 years, something as simple as printing orders should have no problems, now when trying to print multiple orders at once the app crashes, each order has to be printed one at a time, with the price of Shopify fees doubling in a few years, this is just beyond a joke.

使用應用程式 8年多
Shopify 已回覆 2023年6月6日

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing some trouble with the Order Printer app. If you haven't done so already, I'd encourage you to connect with our Live Support so we can take a closer look into why you're unable to print multiple orders: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA. - Blair, Shopify Support


App isn't working anymore, it is ok if you want to print less than 5 orders otherwise the app will crash and you are not able to print the orders. It is dragging our business down the last couple of weeks

K-Ramen - Love For Noodles
使用應用程式 1年多

Doesn't work on multiple orders, when I try it sends me to a page to install the app again? When I enter my domain I get sent to a page where I can't download my orders

使用應用程式 1年多
Shopify 已回覆 2023年5月31日

Thanks for letting us know about this! We recommend clearing your cache and cookies to troubleshoot. If you're still experiencing issues with the Order Printer app after that, please contact our team so we can investigate and find a resolution: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA. -Sophia, Shopify Support


Not easy at all there is only code, so bureau de la gloute pfouu de votre part veuillez recevoir Madame mes sincères remerciements de votre part veuillez

Euro Racing Parts
使用應用程式 大約1年

Constant issues with an Order sheet and invoices, liquid error appears with some products and the support is not helpful at all, they just advise to install a thrid party app instead of looking into the problem.

US Jewelry House
使用應用程式 7年多
Shopify 已回覆 2023年4月28日

Hello! Thanks for letting us know this issue is impacting your store. We've previously resolved what I believe you're describing and so I'd like our team to take another look. Please follow up via our Help Center or by replying directly to your most recent ticket so we can continue troubleshooting with you. -June, Shopify Support


Discount variables are not working anymore. I'm actually more than disappointed to see that the variables are not matching with the ones in shopify API. Why in the world do you guys have to make everything so hard and inconsistent.

Pampers Baby Expo 2023
使用應用程式 大約2小時
Shopify 已回覆 2023年8月9日

Hi there, thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that you've noticed discount variables don't seem to be working with the Order Printer app anymore, but we appreciate you letting us know here. Please feel free to reach out to our support team about this and we can see if we can help in any way: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA. -Victor, Shopify Support