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I only can contact you by revising this review....
Question: in the order email I receive from Shop;ify the tax percentages are shown.
But not on the invoice I print via Order print.
Can you add that?
Now I have to write these on the invoices myself for my accountant.....

In reply: no, my printer does not leave out one of the values :-)
What is the liquid variable for the tax percentage?
I only see line_item.tax_lines %, tax_line.price | money and tax_line.title.
Is there also a code for the percentage?

Tropical Centre
使用應用程式 8個月
Shopify 已回覆 2022年11月1日

Thank you for getting in touch and writing your review. From the sounds of it, I believe these additions are being made by your printer rather than within the template itself. You should be able to change this within your printer's settings.

If you'd like someone to check this and confirm for you, please feel free to reach out to our support team: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA. -Victor, Shopify Support


On the whole I like this app but if I refund an item this is not updated on the invoice on order printer. I'm sure it used to do this. Is there a way to fix this

amanda coleman jewellery
使用應用程式 大約8年
Shopify 已回覆 2023年3月1日

Thank you for taking the time to share your review with us. Updated order invoices should absolutely reflect any refunded items. We would like to help you investigate this further to see what may have changed on your template. Please connect with us directly at this link: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA. -Olivia, Shopify Support


This app will be perfect if it shows customer paid by credit card 4 digit ending number with either authorized or paid status.

Falcon Technologies, Inc.
使用應用程式 9個月
Shopify 已回覆 2023年1月23日

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this feedback. We understand that you'd like to be able to display the last 4-digits of the credit card used by the customers, and we'd be happy to share this feedback with our development team.

That being said, while there isn't a way to display the last 4-digits of the credit card number, you can display the payment status using this variable - {{ transaction.status }}. If you need any help with editing the templates, then we'd be happy to assist you through live chat, email, or callback. Simply visit the Shopify Help Center (https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA) and log into your account to create a support request. Cheers! -Elias, Shopify Support


Is it possible to print in spanish language? Until now I have been sharing notes in english to my customers...

Atrévete mas
使用應用程式 3個月
Shopify 已回覆 2022年4月12日

Thank you for reaching out and writing your review. At this time, all templates for the Order Printer app are in English and there aren't any other languages that are supported. It would be possible to translate the templates into Spanish but this would require a fair bit of work and some knowledge of HTML. If this is something you wanted help with, you could seek to hire a Shopify Expert: https://bit.ly/3p9T9Fm.

We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us and I'll be sure to pass your comments on to our app development team. -Victor, Shopify Support


Really like this app and its super useful, however one major point, I want to be able to send the order bills generated with this app directly to the respective customers too. Is there any way to implement it or a app that hooks into this one?

使用應用程式 6個月
Shopify 已回覆 2021年11月30日

Hi, there. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review and provide us with your feedback. While you cannot currently send invoices generated with the Order Printer app directly, I can certainly see how this idea would be beneficial as a merchant. I would be happy to submit your feedback up to our developers for future consideration. Thanks again! -Marty, Shopify Support.


I use this app to print all my packing slips, it works really well and I appreciate being able to format the packing slip the way I want to. It can be slightly slow sometimes but otherwise, really love this app.

使用應用程式 5年多

I like the app and i am using it. I would like to add SKU in line but liquid variables don't work. Thanks

Il mondo di Wit
使用應用程式 大約2年
Shopify 已回覆 2021年1月16日

Hi, there! Glad to hear you're liking the app so far. Adding the SKU may be something that our Theme Support team can customize for you. I'll be sending you an email shortly so we can take a look into this further with you. - Oliver, Shopify Support


A good app, but I would really like to see the ability to use {% order.tags %} in order printer though.

Coffee Supreme
使用應用程式 4年多

Great app to start off with, every now and then the app will miss an order. It'd be amazing if you could sort by category type before printing out orders

Asian Veggies
使用應用程式 11個月
Shopify 已回覆 2021年6月7日

Thank you for writing your review and for providing your feedback to us here. I'm sorry to hear that you're seeing the app miss orders from time to time; if this is a persistent issue for you please reach out to our support team directly so that we can take a closer look at this for you: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA.

In terms of being able to sort by different order conditions, I can certainly see why this would be helpful! I'll be sure to pass your feedback onto our development team. -Victor, Shopify Support


Fonctionne très bien et il est facile de personnaliser les "templates". Maintenant, il est facile d'imprimer les factures des clients.

L'Ingénieux - Des produits du Québec
使用應用程式 接近3年