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Developed by Flexify

Price: Free – $19.00 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Set and forget: Automatically upload new orders to any FTP folder
  • Easy pricing: 19$ for unlimited usage, free for developers
  • Choose your style: XML or JSON

Connect third party systems via FTP

There are many third party services, like ERP (Enterprise resource planning) or Fulfillment Partners, that will accept data via FTP.

How it works

This app will upload new orders to any FTP server. It will work in the background and automatically upload a file containing all relevant information every time a new order event is triggered.
Great as a quick way to hook up fulfillment or ERP systems that can process data from ftp/web folders.

Supported webhook events are

  • order is created

  • order is fulfilled

  • order has been paid

Supported file format are

  • XML

  • JSON


The app costs $19 per month for unlimited usage.
It is free for development stores, though!
Also it comes with a 3 day trail period.

How the app came about

We are a development agency and built a lot of custom integrations for third party services via FTP. We extracted this app from the many other apps we developed over time that have been battle tested in production.

What the app does not

Ofter times the system that should get connected via FTP expects the XML (or JSON) to have a certain format. The app will not allow you to change the XML/JSON data in any way. It will simply forward the data as-is from Shopify. Customisation needs are generally so broad that it is hard to come up with an generic app for that.

Custom apps

If you see no way to transform the data into the format you need after it is uploaded to your FTP server, we normally a customized app.

We maintain templates for those kind of apps to deliver customized XML or JSON via email, http or FTP. Let us know if this is something you’d be interested in.

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Free – $19.00 / month

$19 per month for unlimited usage.
Free for development stores.

3 days

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