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Auto-alert to relevant staff member when an order is triggered

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Communication With Staff

Overcome admin workload through direct staff communication.

Tag Based Order Notification

Categorize and route the orders to relevant staff members based on order tag.

Effortless Integration

Get time to time email alerts with quick order requests.

Om OrderAlerts

About OrderAlerts

Sending new order notifications to the relevant staff member corresponding to order tag

Diminish your workload with this app that permit admin-staff communication specifically with no expense. This allows your staff members to track all the incoming orders belonging to their particular category (department) so they can easily check all the orders and do fast order processing which can enhance your customers count!

Build your customer trust with fast order processing

The main feature of this app is that it will notify the specific staff member handling the particular department related to incoming order based on tags assigned to the order, so they can easily check their own orders they have to process and make out them for fast delivery.

As soon as an order is received, the admin will update the order tag from admin panel according to products category, and this app will send email notifications to the Staff member so they can process that order for fulfilment.

Customizable Email template

The admin can access the customizable email template for reviewing the email layout and they can change the header, footer and other settings of the email template at their end easily. The email templates consists of order information, product information and customer information details.

Easy Staff Management

Admin can easily manage their staff list. They can add new staff member, activate or deactivate, and update their data effectively.

Why choose OrderAlerts App?

Easy installation It’s very easy to integrate. The email sent by the app shows the particular tag based order with the order numbers.

Customizable and attractive email templates Change the look and feel of your email template and your staff will get notified easily about relevant order information.

24/7 Chat Support Our main aim is to provide an easy solution that will overcome the workload of store owner, and for this we are always available for any help. We do provide FREE app installation support also.

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  • Tag based order notification through email to staff
  • Better communication with staff department wise
  • Faster order fullfillments of customers

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