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July 3, 2021

For syncing inventory between different stores on different shopping cart programs, it works great. But at $50/mo with a $99 setup fee for the Lite package, that's way too much. I guess that's why they don't disclose pricing in the app description. I suppose if I was using all their other features (which I don't have any use for), it could be worth it.

Detailers Finest
United States
About 1 year using the app
July 19, 2017

So far it has covered a hand full of necessities. There are still some gaps in the system that causes additional work, but all in all, it has been alright. The support will vary based on who you receive on their end. Some people are very responsive and other have lagged. Overall, this program is good but has the potential to be very good.

Equipped Outdoors
United States
10 months using the app
Edited September 20, 2018

Here is my summary of what has happened since i started Orderhive

I month into the trial now !

In the last week, having agreed the trial would be extended until issues were resolved every morning it is switched off, this is becoming so annoying

We seem to be taking 1 step forward and 2 step backwards. We resolved the Sync issues but now after one week trying to set up royal mail we still have problems and some of the Royal mail prices are showing a zero for certain services. This is a really important part of the software and it just isnt working. Also the paper process for shipping is quite complicated and uses a lot of paper and i feel risks of errors. The Click and Drop system seems far simpler and could easily be done with Orderhive, simply have the SKU on the Royal Mail postage label!!

Also now sometimes Im just getting a white page on orderhive which I can only assume is to do with the Cloud and the online chat keeps crashing, sending multiple message, or not working at all or sending messages to my email.

Orderhive needs a minimum of 1 month to get set up and it is a huge learning curve. I can see that I will get there in the end but it is a massive process.

1. the biggest problem is the Indian call centre, I gave up with the online meeting i had as it was painful to me ears
2. The online chat has lots of pauses so it seems they are dealing with many different customers at the same time, i kept having to ask , ARE YOU HERE ?
3. There are a number of very annoying parts to the software that i cant believe other people havnt complained about yet, such as Supplier name is the contact name not the Supplier name. Its just wrong!
4. To add the supplier to your products it has to be done manually or via spreadsheet upload which seems to me to defeat the object of having Orderhive if you still need spreadsheet, surely you could simply select all the items from one supplier and add in bulk like you can with a tag !!

10 days in to the evaluation,

The issues I have raised with orderhive I believe they are going to resolve in the next release as well as lots of other features.

integration with Amazon and ebay was really easy and within a few minutes I could see all my products and orders coming into one place, this was a real breakthrough and at this point I could really see what the benefits of orderhive will be
It takes a bit of tweaking to align the products because you are bringing together lots of products from different shops but Orderhive were very helpful to fix this for me and I understand the next release will allow you to do this yourself.

The order processing is excellent, I can sort by sales channel and simply despatch.
I havnt tried integrating my shipper yet but that will be this weeks work

My first review of this app was a rather sad 2 star but as i am using it more I can see the benefits there will be for my company in the future. So we have moved upto to 4 STARS now !!!!! and I see the the developers have got lots of improvements coming in the next release.


Topper Shopper
United Kingdom
2 months using the app
March 17, 2022

I use the app for inventory managment. It is very good for inventory but we had problems when integrating with quikbooks and no one is able to solve them. the customer service is very good regarding orderhive, but they can´t give you support with QB which s very importante for finance.

United States
About 2 months using the app
Orderhive replied March 22, 2022

Thank you for your feedback! We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused, since it was a QB dependent issue we had to reach out to their team to get it resolved. We are working with them to make sure it doesn't repeat again. Thank you for your patience.