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Continentalwf Com

Like the person above, I've sent multiple emails for support cases and even scheduled a white glove import service appointment. No response. They've stopped customer service.

Floret Flower Farm

I scheduled an order import through the white glove, full import service well over a week ago and have heard nothing. I've created 2 support cases and placed a phone call and have still heard nothing. I'm quickly losing faith that this app will work and am running up against an important deadline for product launches. Can someone please reach out to me and let me know what's going on?


Had issue with understanding exactly how it worked & there was no response from tech support (wouldn't hurt to at least have an auto-responder).
In the end, I figured it out & the program does work as advertised, we had to move orders to a new store with the same products as I was re-branding.
The presets are very handy (we used the Shopify one) & worked perfectly & all is well.

Kyboe Com

This app was critical for us. We used it to merge order histories from Magento and Woocommerce into our new Shopify website. Very easy to use. No complaints!


I posted a negative review prior but their customer service reached out to me and did an excellent job importing orders from Woocommerce.
Rob from Orderimp re-mapped the columns and created custom fields for us.
I am happy it worked out! Thank you, ROB!!



This is a great app, slow sometimes, I found out that going and 're-install' helps with the slowness issues (I went to the app store and re-selected 'get') I didn't loose my order credits, but it refreshed the install.

Support was very helpful when I asked.

Maui Divers Jewelry

The owner of this app has demonstrated he really cares about his customers. We've been using this app for a very long time and a while ago ran into some support problems. He has since addressed them all and gone beyond the call to make sure the support is top-notch. We continue to use this app on a regular basis and highly recommend it.

Zerog Shop

Extremely disappointed. As a Shopify Plus Expert it saddens me to report that this is not a legitimate app, and it should not be listed on the app store. I will be speaking directly with Shopify at the highest levels about my experience with this app, and their non-existent paid support services.

1. The app is slow and buggy with very variable import speeds. This makes large imports take far, far longer than they should (compared to other API based import processes).

2. The import mappings within the app are incorrect. You select one field and it imports another. This turns the preset building process into a guessing game with 40+ fields to map. Hours lost in test, change, test, change, test refinement.

3. The above would be forgivable if the developer provided support services. We paid $99 for their white-glove support. After they missed the first scheduled support appointment, we have been trying for 14+ days to get in touch by email, Skype and phone and are being completely ignored.

This app is not fit for use beyond the most basic import (you'll still have a headache with that), and you certainly should not pay for any services.


App worked for us about 4 months ago, over the last 3 months their services worked on some days. Then didn't work on other days. If you want to upload every order individually this might work for you, but bulk uploads never worked for us.

The support was never helpful for us they either ignore you entirely or send a quick unhelpful response. Never offered any advice or a solution to our problems. We were constantly charged for credits that never ended up uploading to our site.

In my opinion, if you need a solution to upload orders, look somewhere else. This is definitely not it.


This App works perfectly! I was able to import 26,000 historical orders, and when Shopify's server went down for a few minutes & paused my upload, the Orderimp team immediately emailed me back telling me how to resume the upload. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

The fact that our customers can now sign up for an account on our new site AND access the download links to all their previous orders over the last few years is going to save us tons of customer service hours, plus will make our customers very happy. Happy customers = Happy Store Owners THANK YOU ORDERIMP!