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24 de septiembre de 2017

Great App!! It works perfect with my store.

Believemore Doubtless Apparel Llc
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23 de febrero de 2018

I've been using OrderLogic for over a year on a store generating 6 figures. Every product on my site has minimum order requirements, so this app is an integral part of my success. Along the way there have been a few issues, but the customer support is fantastic. They have always been quick to reply and worked hard to remedy any issues I may have run into along the way. I highly recommend this app and the OrderLogic team!

Agent Site
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18 de octubre de 2017

One of the best app you can have for your store!!!!!

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15 de abril de 2020

This app does exactly what it says it does, and very clearly and easily! Thank you guys, awesome work. Would recommend to anyone looking to limit max order quantities, or max orders of a single product, etc. If you're looking for the BEST way to enjoy your favorite mouth-watering meals, please visit for our line of Teflon-Free Ceramic Air Fryers!! They're award-winning, come with useful accessories for flavor-packed results, Lifetime Warranty, and are the best in the game!

If there was a feature to add, it would be to create rules by Collections. For example, people can only order 1 of a product from X Collection, but can order as many products as they want of Y Collection.

Thanks again!

Order Details and Shipping Information
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Oiizes respondió 24 de abril de 2020

Thanks so much for your feedback. We do have the ability to enforce a limit on a product tag in our Premium Tier, so if you tag for example 'limit1' on products from the X Collection you can limit it to 1 from that set. We found that far smother to enforce that a limit on a collection which might fail if our data on which products are in that connection lags behind.

17 de enero de 2018

We have implemented order logic and it is great, it does what it says on the tin simple order logic! Due to the nature of the products that we sell we had some special cases that needed to be added, the team at Order logic connected remotely to my development machine and worked with us on the phone making the necessary adjustments with no additional charge. You guys are awusme keep up the good work!

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Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
7 de junio de 2017

Jason & his team provided EXCELLENT support, helping us quickly resolve our issue in regards to how the OrderLogic app interacted with another app that fires at the cart level. They came up with a great solution, and oh so quickly. This web developer is EXTREMELY happy! Thanks guys!

The Popped Popcorn Company
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8 de diciembre de 2018

I'm using this app for a minimum quantity of products. It does exactly as it should! Easy and simple to use. I'm getting Its benefit on daily basis :)

Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
23 de enero de 2018

Great app, very easy to use. Super fast support from Shane.

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Fecha de modificación: 6 de septiembre de 2018

Initially I had custom code applied (from a developer) to my website so I could fix minimum quantities. While this worked temporarily, it was expensive, and always needed to be fixed when the theme was updated.

After trying ALL of the min/max order qty shopify apps, I can confidently say that the OrderLogic app for Shopify is by far the best! It works absolutely perfectly for what I need (minimum order quantities per item). And the best thing is, customers can't "trick" the system!

I highly recommend this app to all shopify owners out there, and you don't need to waste your time trying something else!

Thanks so much OrderLogic Team! :)

Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 10 de enero de 2017

Thank you OrderLogic for saving my website!!! I had a stressful few months leading up to Xmas just scratching my head and trying to find a Minimum Order App that actually works... and just when I'd given up all hope - like an oasis in the desert - OrderLogic appeared!! And I must say the support from OL developers Jason & Shane is first class. I had a few minimum order issues specific to my business but my concerns were soon dismissed with their enthusiastic and hard-working support. Thanks guys. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with OrderLogic. Charles :o)

Pom Usa
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12 meses usando la aplicación