All-in-one order management app with live tracking


Track orders like a pro

The Kanban board view helps visually organize orders, tracks the status as you progress to fulfilment and reduces the scope for errors.

Sound alerts & customizations

Enable sound alerts for new orders. Great for busy warehouses & kitchens. Toggle off customer data on orders to maintain privacy.

Easy & mobile-friendly

Takes just seconds to install and works seamlessly on all devices.

有關 Orderly

About Orderly

Struggling to organize your orders systematically? Searching for a way to internally track their status? Want to share limited views of your orders with teammates or local delivery partners? We've got you covered!

Orderly helps you and your team manage orders like a pro.

Orderly lets you track the status of your orders in a convenient, mobile-friendly Kanban board. Orderly also lets you share your board with other teammates, vendors or local delivery partners. You can control the data your team sees, hide customer data from orders if required, and even track who last updated the status of an order.

With an easy-to-use order management dashboard, tracking your progress towards fulfillment has never been easier. Whether you're an individual store owner or leading a team, Orderly helps you get organized so you can give your customers the best delivery experience.


  • Track all your orders from a single, visual dashboard
  • Mark your progress towards fulfillment by tracking the order status.
  • Choose and mark the status of your order from 'Confirmed', 'In progress', 'Ready', and 'Completed'.
  • Sound alerts to get notified about new orders.
  • Full control over data and who sees what on your dashboard.
  • Option to hide sensitive customer information from your orders if you're sharing with a third-party, vendor, or delivery partner.
  • Easy installation within minutes.
  • Toggle between light mode and dark mode.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly views so you can manage orders on the go.

Orderly is suitable for:

  1. Solo store owners looking to get organized
  2. Stores running local delivery themselves
  3. Restaurants looking for live order tracking in the kitchen
  4. Warehouses looking for a live order tracking dashboard
  5. Stores looking to give limited order access to local delivery partners



定價 14 天免費試用


Basic Plan

每月 $6.99

  • Live order status tracking
  • New order notifications
  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited devices
  • Dark mode

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** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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