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  • Automatically place orders with retail marketplaces for zero-touch drop shipping
  • Quickly test markets and products without costly inventory
  • Exponentially grow your product arbitrage business with little effort or cost

What is Orderlytics?

Orderlytics connects your sales directly with top supplier marketplaces to automatically order and fulfill every sales transaction. This provides you with zero-touch order automation so that you can process orders around the clock 24 hours a day.

Remember last holiday season when you were manually placing orders with your suppliers and some days you frantically couldn’t keep up!

We found ourselves in the exact same situation. It’s kind of like being... in a bad dream where you had customers screaming at you wanting delivery and you couldn’t fulfill orders.

….end result… lost sales or even worse refunds and chargebacks.

That scenario actually happened… it wasn’t a dream.

We set out to not let that happen again and to find a way to scale our dropshipping business so that we can exponentially grow to massive wealth.

We developed Orderlytics, which automates the entire order and fulfillment process directly with our backend suppliers. It runs around the clock with little or no involvement once it’s up and running.

Don’t let your limited ability to manually process orders hold you back. There is a better way!

It’s called Orderlytics.

How Does Orderlytics Work?

Orderlytics allows you to easily import products directly into your Shopify store from top retail marketplaces, like Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, plus many more – in only a few clicks.

Here are the current list of retail marketplaces Orderlytics supports:

  • Amazon

  • Amazon UK

  • Amazon CA

  • AliExpress

  • Walmart

  • Newegg

  • Nordstrom

  • Shopbop

  • East Dane

  • Establish product associations between your Shopify product SKUs and Supplier Product IDs (e.g., Amazon ASIN)

    When you make a Shopify store sale Orderlytics picks up the sales data and places the order directly with the supplier on your behalf. All the customer information is passed to the supplier so that the package is mailed directly to your end customer.

    Product Customization

    Edit products based on many different filters and criteria to maximize profitability. Advanced product options include:

  • Select specific merchants to include or exclude

  • Select specific product conditions (new or used)

  • Select shipping methods (fastest / cheapest)

  • Many more options…
  • Product Status & Tracking

    Orderlytics can even send out notifications to your customer regarding shipping status as well as alert you to any issues, like bad shipping address, so that you can immediate correct and resubmit the order.

    Group Orders Going To Same Shipping Address

    If your customer purchases more than one product all your products can be grouped into a single order per supplier. This saves from paying multiple shipping costs and Orderlytics fees.

    Ship to Multiple Addresses (Amazon US & UK only)

    If you are promoting low cost items your cart value may be too low to get free shipping. Orderlytics can hold orders that are going to multiple customer addresses into a single order so that the cart value exceeds the minimum free shipping threshold.

    Ship as a Gift

    Want to hide product supplier price from your customer you can ship as a gift with custom messaging

    Check out all the powerful features at Orderlytics.com


    Orderlytics resources are available to assist you getting started to individual order/supplier issues. Please use the following resource links:

    Orderlytics Video Tutorials:

      Orderlytics Help Desk: Use Blue Chat Icon (bottom right) inside Orderlytics app

      Orderlytics Email: support@orderlytics.freshdesk.com

    Orderlytics reviews

    6 reviews
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    In theory this app seems awesome but the fact that the amazon product feed rarely ever works makes it useless. This app provides virtually no customer support, the only person that does is the creator of the app and I have only gotten 1 response from him out of the countless messages and emails I have sent. I don't get why this app even has support messaging built in when it is never used. Why would you even spend all this time to create this app/service when you refuse to provide customer support? Not impressed at all.


    EDIT:Not only did this app never work properly and charged me ten dollars, it just dinged my card again, even after uninstalling the app. TOTAL SCAM! DO NOT INSTALL!
    Just started using this and so far it's been very misleading.
    It says that you will pay .99 cents per transaction and goes on about what happens later if you keep using it and scale up, cool, np. While going through the setup process you are prompted for a payment type, a credit card, assuming they want to charge me up front for each transaction, ok. Suddenly I'm charge 10 dollars for a subscription.
    I've emailed them and hope to learn how to use the app a bit, but the way I was roped into this sudden ten dollar charge was sneaky.
    To top it all off, newegg, nordstroms, shopbop, and east dane are not on the list of available suppliers. Even more disappointing.
    And you must manually SKU match most items because the search function is mostly useless. For hundreds of items this would be very time consuming.


    It seems to have a lot of potential....But understanding how to use this app will take time. Its not a 1 minute click and forget app. I will upgrade to 5 stars if it works as I imagine it to be....


    Good app, does what it says!



    mentioned free to use, but it's not free
    $1.5 per order
    found that after visiting their website


    My head's spinning going thru the extremely detailed online help docs. This is a very, very powerful app. I'm slowly working my way configuring it and understanding it and eventually and hopefully actually enjoying it working on my behalf with the help of these online help docs and the very helpful Eric. I am giving it a 4 for awesome potential and will upgrade it to a 5 if I start to see this monster actually working.

    If you're looking for 1-click 5-minute type of apps move on. If you're looking for something that, after some hard mental work and time spent could cause you to not have to hire staff, this might be your app.


    The Orderlytics Shopify App is Free to install and use for products store inventory. Plans available for automated ordering

    7 days

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