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Orderlytics App

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Auto ordering from Amazon, Aliexpress...to run your business.

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Order Automation

Automatically place orders with retail marketplaces and Suppliers for zero-touch order management and drop shipping

Scale Your Business

Exponentially grow your product arbitrage business with little effort or cost by processing orders 24 hours a day everyday!

No Product Required

Quickly test markets and products without costly inventory or needing to managing inventory ever again!

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What is Orderlytics?

Orderlytics connects your sales directly with top supplier marketplaces to automatically order and fulfill every sales transaction. This provides you with zero-touch order automation so that you can process orders around the clock 24 hours a day.

Remember last holiday season when you were manually placing orders with your suppliers and some days you frantically couldn’t keep up!

We found ourselves in the exact same situation. It’s kind of like being... in a bad dream where you had customers screaming at you wanting delivery and you couldn’t fulfill orders.

….end result… lost sales or even worse refunds and chargebacks.

That scenario actually happened… it wasn’t a dream.

We set out to not let that happen again and to find a way to scale our dropshipping business so that we can exponentially grow to massive wealth.

We developed Orderlytics, which automates the entire order and fulfillment process directly with our backend suppliers. It runs around the clock with little or no involvement once it’s up and running.

Don’t let your limited ability to manually process orders hold you back. There is a better way!

It’s called Orderlytics.

How Does Orderlytics Work?

Orderlytics allows you to easily import products directly into your Shopify store from top retail marketplaces, like Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, plus many more – in only a few clicks.

Here are the current list of marketplaces Orderlytics supports:

RETAIL SUPPLIERS: Amazon.com (+ Int'l marketplaces), Amazon KDP (Createspace), Amazon Kindle, AliExpress, Walmart, Costco, SamsClub, Banggood (via API), Chinabrands (via API)

FULFILLMENT VENDORS: Amazon FBA, Shipstation, Shipwire, Fulfillment Lab, Printful, Peecho, BigBuy

Establish product associations between your Shopify product SKUs and Supplier Product IDs (e.g., Amazon ASIN)

When you make a Shopify store sale Orderlytics picks up the sales data and places the order directly with the supplier on your behalf. All the customer information is passed to the supplier so that the package is mailed directly to your end customer.

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Variable Usage


First 25 orders each month included in monthly fee. Variable usage charge are for more than 25 orders per month.

  • 0-25 orders include in monthly fee
  • 26-1000 orders are billed at a rate of $0.15 per order
  • Over 1000 orders are billed at $0.10 per order.

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em USD.
** As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

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