Orders Printer

Orders Printer

Team Bistro

Print orders automatically directly from your online store.

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Detailed Print

Don't waste any more time searching for information on each order because all the necessary information is printed out instantly.

Cloud Sync

The printer will connect to the online store and print automatically each order made without attaching it to a tablet or any other device.

Increase Your Workflow

Boost your business operation process by placing one or multiple stations of printers around your store.

Orders Printer 정보

Why choose Orders Printer?

Our goal is to improve your business's workflow by providing the future of printers with Cloud Integration eliminating external device dependencies like a tablet, POS, or any other device. Big companies that offer delivery and pickup integration are starting to use this technology where you can connect an online store directly to a printer. This method is easy to set up and offers a low-cost implementation.

Orders Printer app will provide a perfect solution to both restaurant and retail stores to be able to integrate a Star printer that has CloudPRNT functionality (TSP650II or mC-Print3) for use of remote printing. Allowing them to seamlessly integrate online purchasing with a print solution into their stores.

Print Automatically

Every time and customer placed an order it will send a print job. In a few seconds, the printer will receive the print job and print automatically. Every order printed is sorted by the order number. If the printer goes offline the order will not be lost. It will stay in queue until the printer comes online.

Printer Receipt

The receipt printed will contain all the necessary information about the order. Like store name, order number (last 2 digits), each product with properties or variations (if chosen), cart note, order date, shipping information, and more.


If you need to reprint an existing order just go to the order detail information and click on the reprint button to send the print job to be printed. Wait a few seconds and done.

Support Multiple Printers

You can connect multiple printers at the same time and each printer will work independently. If one printer is behind on printing you can simply press the "update" button in the app dashboard on that specific printer.

Easy To Use

With a simple dashboard, you can quickly add and update printers, send reprint jobs, and more. Super easy to get started

Powerful Features

Some Star printers offer WLAN capabilities. Meaning that the printer can be used with a wireless connection and making it more accessible. Other printers are more compact and economic. Each printer has different use cases.

Star Printer With CloudPRNT Models

Some of the printer's part numbers that can be used for this app are the following below, For any help please contact support.

  • 39654210 (mC-Print3)
  • 39654310 (mC-Print3)
  • 39654410 (mC-Print3)
  • 39654510 (mC-Print3)
  • 39651410 (mC-Print3)
  • 39651510 (mC-Print3)
  • 39651610 (mC-Print3)
  • 39651710 (mC-Print3)
  • 39654010 (mC-Print3)
  • 39654110 (mC-Print3)
  • 37966000 (TSP650II)
  • 37966030 (TSP650II)

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  • 개인정보처리방침
  • teambistrollc@gmail.com

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