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16. august 2017

Increased my price from $99.00 a month to $199.00 per month. To top things off, t he price increase was retroactive to the beginning of August. They even tried to joke about the price increase by saying "Price increases suck but ..." Who doubles their price and expects to keep their customers???

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31. juli 2015

Decent idea. Horrible execution. If I could give it -5 stars I would.

This is "simple UI, happy path" shipping software. Which would be great except it doesn't work. You're paying for software that intentionally doesn't have the bells and whistles that shipstation has, an easy interface. The kind of interface that is easy to turn into a mobile app, or navigate on an iphone. However, the decision to write the software using javascript modals means it is completely broken on mobile. So much for happy path.

The decision to make this a javascript browser side app also means that search is painfully slow after you have more than around 500 orders.

Syncing with your shopify store is problematic at best. Orders that are cancelled in shopify sometimes actually cancel in ordoro, other times they don't. Meaning you have to enter the cancellations twice or risk sending out product that wasn't paid for.

There is no mechanism to bulk edit the insurance amount, anymore. We sell some items at $105. We have to go through and print the labels on each of them individually or pay an extra $3 per shipment. The kicker here is they actually had this feature and it was working, but they decided to remove it. The removal actually created a horrible bug where every order got insured for the last insurance amount you manually entered. This bug was active on the site for about two months. Are they even testing this software?

And, while we're talking about insurance. They have the scummiest feature of defaulting you to their insurance provider, no matter how many times you select "carrier insurance."

No role based access to information -- we're an open company, but there's a limit to which I want my 3rd party fulfillment center to know my full sales data.

In the end we had to go back to buying every label individually.

And finally, once we decided to switch to a more full featured software package (shipstation), they locked our account as we were over the free limit -- never mind that we'd paid for the full month already and had merely opted to not renew. Yet another simple use case they didn't write the software to handle.

Overall, once you're bigger than their free tier you're better off using shipstation. If you try to use it after that point, you're just accruing technical debt that will come back to bite you eventually.

Go with shipstation. Same price, but actually usable.

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27. december 2014

Is it so hard to make this process easy? I guess not! This was just simply a practice in frustration. I thought I had tried the worst until i got to Ordoro. Congrats guys! You are now the worst shipping program I have tried.

Back to my non-integrated shipping solutions for me until I can find something that actually works as advertised.

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