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2. Juli 2015

Ordoro works well as a general platform, and for USPS deliveries we recommend. However if you link your Fedex account be wary that the rates quoted by Ordoro are an ESTIMATE only. What Ordoro tells you that you pay for a Fedex label, and what Fedex actually charge you are two totally different things. From our experience Fedex can charge up to double what is shown when you 'pay' for Fedex shipping via Ordoro. This does not seem to be made clear - our impression was that when paying for a label this was the actual cost you pay - but its not the case. Its only a month later when you get your Fedex bill and compare it back to Ordoro do you realize the shipping cost is much higher than expected. Also we were getting charged a new $3 per order 'pickup' fee by Fedex via Ordoro for every order which was a surprise and not shown on the label generator or communicated in any way. We ship via a 3PL warehouse and never have this charge when using our Fedex account directly, so to suddenly get these extra charges without any for-warning was a shock as the charges add up quickly. In summary the app works ok, but be very wary when using for Fedex (and probably also UPS) shipments as your costs could skyrocket.

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