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Bearbeitet am 17. November 2014

Updated: 11-17-2014

I had original given this app 2 stars for struggles I had setting it up for the first time. I started by saying the app shows promise, but that could only give 2 stars due to the difficulty I had in setting it up. I tried to call (outside of business hours), but did not attempt to email because of past experiences with other online companies / apps I did not expect to get an email back until after the weekend was over.

Within an hour of submitting my original review, the co-founder emailed me in a professional manner, and offered solutions to the challenges I was having, apologized for my troubles understanding how to set up the product, and even politely clarified that they do offer support on evenings and weekends via email. It's only the phone support that has regular hours. So if you need help and cant reach them on the phone, send an email, they actually respond quickly, which can be validated in other reviews by other clients.

I now have the app set up and working correctly, and as an experienced shipper who has used a lot of different tools over the years, I can say this is one of the easiest apps to use once set up. It's clean layout doesn't give you too many choices, and they use large call outs and buttons to make it clear what your next step in the workflow is. The realtime price comparisons for different services is quick and accurate (I spot checked against USPS tables for the commercial rates promised).

I'm very comfortable giving this a 4 star rating today, and after I've used the product for a month or so I'll update this review again if I am impressed enough to give that 5th star.

Please note that I only use this for USPS (with their free Endicia supplied account) so can't speak to the other carriers integrations.

Overall I would recommend this to other shop owners wanting to save time (no more copy and paste!). If you don't screw the setup like I did, you can be up and using this in about 15 minutes.

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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
18. Oktober 2016

We really appreciate Ordoro. It makes shipping easier. Once in a while there is a hiccough but customer support is ready to help and they are always so friendly. If you need something urgent stay online and wait for a rep. If you hang up they even make the effort to call back! Thanks Ordoro!

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Bearbeitet am 23. Dezember 2017

Ordoro works nicely and has a lot of useful features. I would like to see a pricing model that works better for businesses where a lot of dropshoppers are required to have their own portals.

Local Joe
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