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16. Januar 2024

Ordoro has been such a helpful tool in streamlining our workflow across several sales channels. Plus, our shipping rates through Ordoro are better than the discounted rates we had negotiated directly with carriers! But what really sets Ordoro apart is the exceptional customer service – super fast, super friendly.

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6. September 2023

Ordoro has been a game-changer. We were looking for a software solution to help our team manage inventory more efficiently, reduce picking times and errors, and speed up order fulfillment. In our pursuit, we discovered Ordoro, a software that catered to our unique needs. With its array of features, including bulk printing, shipping presets, automation rules, and advanced pick and pack workflows, Ordoro became our ideal partner.

This synergy became most evident during peak season, when our team leveraged Ordoro’s pick lists, allowing our team to grab a hundred orders at once. This not only significantly reduced order-picking time but also bolstered accuracy, empowering our team to achieve more.

However, what truly sets Ordoro apart extends beyond its features. Right from our very first interaction with their Sales team, they not only understood our business but also had a personal connection, as Brian, their Sales Director, was a customer of ours. This personalized touch sealed the deal. As time went on, our initial positive impression only grew stronger. Unlike other competitors whose support tends to dwindle after onboarding, Ordoro's support remained constant. We had the privilege of connecting with a live person whenever needed, without the hassle of help desk tickets. Their support team not only addressed our immediate concerns but also played a role in enhancing our operational processes. Ordoro's support team alone is such a differentiator!


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10. August 2023

We love Ordoro! Their team is always looking for ideas to streamline the shipping experience and we are just amazed at all the capabilities. Their team was able to create a custom packing list and did such a great job!

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Ordoro hat geantwortet 11. August 2023

Thank you for your glowing review of Ordoro! We're delighted that our efforts to streamline the shipping experience have amazed you. Crafting a custom packing list for you was a pleasure, and we're thrilled with the result.

Your satisfaction drives us to keep innovating and enhancing our services. We're excited to continue supporting your shipping needs and look forward to more opportunities to impress you.

21. Juni 2023

We've been with Ordoro for many years now. They were the only solution at the time that could seamlessly integrate with a growing business with both warehouse stock and drop ship needs. Over the years, they have been flexible and partnered with us during the good times and bad. The customer support is fantastic and timely. You won't regret growing your business with Ordoro!

Project Nursery
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Ordoro hat geantwortet 22. Juni 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful review about your experience with Ordoro. We greatly appreciate your long-standing partnership and your kind words. It's truly an honor to have supported the growth of your business and we're looking forward to many more years together!

Bearbeitet am 2. März 2016

The system works great for orders and the shipping. We use it heavily for our orders and shipping and it has been easy to adjust and work with it.
Customer support is easy to work with and they work with you to get things sorted. Updates and fixes are done quickly and efficiently. Over all a good experience!

Ordoro is very easy to use and their customer service team is always extremely helpful in the event any questions or problems come up. Very happy with the platform and the service!

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Bearbeitet am 9. April 2024

I've been using Ordoro for over 2 years now and it has saved my business a lot of time and money. My support questions have always been answered quickly. Great product and company.


Sogo Snacks
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Bearbeitet am 8. März 2018

Update: After using the service for 6 years I can tell you that this is by far the best shipping solution we have found for Shopify. The workflow is simple and intuitive, the user interface is seamless and neat, and the customer service is absolutely wonderful. I don't think we've ever had a major issue with the program, but the Ordoro team was always helpful giving us a rundown of changes after any program updates. We strongly recommend getting an Ordoro Pro account for any business with medium to heavy shipping traffic as the dropshipping and kitting options are great for large inventories. Give Ordoro a shot!!!

This is a great app. It's intuitive and works seamlessly with Shopify. The biggest plus for our company is the stellar customer support. We get help instantaneously; real help, not some bored programmer, but people with their synapses firing who are patient and willing address problems and train our staff.

You want your shipping program to keep inventory and talk to your shopping cart ... so the marriage between the two has to be squabble free. Shopify and Ordoro make a great couple!

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8. Februar 2016

I was having problems formatting our logo on the packing slip in Ordoro. Every time I would upload it, it would take up half the page, regardless of the size of my image. I contacted Orodoro’s support team and Inna solved the problem for me. She was very efficient and helpful and it was very appreciated! Now our packing slip looks great!

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3. März 2015

Two components factor into a superb app: 1) customer service; and 2) app quality. Ordoro excels at both. I installed the free version. So let's face it, you would think the company would have little incentive to help troubleshoot my issue. But to my pleasant surprise, my E-mail inquiry had a detailed response in less than one business day, and the bug was resolved. The app helps me manage and choose which shipping method to pick, which is the most important feature for my start up. Integration is seamless with Shopify. I can only imagine what I have to look forward to once I'm a "paying" customer (too small right now to need the upgrade). Keep it up, Austin.

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6. August 2015

I stumbled into ecommerce after a successful Kickstarter. While I had a fairly solid idea of where I was going with the product itself, many of the other things vital to running a business were rather touch and go, especially in the beginning.

Shipping the units out to customers was one of the bigger time sinks early on. We were printing USPS labels individually through the USPS store and we were manually entering our customer's address information. In one of our earliest mishaps trying to automate all of this, I ended up having to stick $10 worth of postage on some flat-rate boxes for a total of about 8 different stamps each.

When we discovered Ordoro, it was a dream come true from a shipping standpoint. Our orders instantly imported directly from Shopify and were ready to ship out with only a few clicks. We've since added an Amazon seller account into the mix and Ordoro continues to save us time in our day to day shipping process.

Try them out for free, you wont be disappointed!

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