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4. oktober 2019

Delayed notifications which happen too frequently - customers only receive notifications 18 hours + later. It's a problem with high in demand restocks that tend to sell out quick; by the time the customer who signed up to be notified ONCE then product is back in stock receives their notification, the item is sold out again resulting in an unhappy customer who feels it's unfair practice by the business. This app is not worth unhappy customers, will be looking for another app.

Fashion Police
Mere end 3 år bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 4. oktober 2019

Hi - thanks for taking the time to review the app and we're really sorry you had the experience you described.

The delayed notifications in your instance of the app this week was a technical issue, which has now been identified and fixed by our support team. I've sent you an email separate to this message - if you'd like to try the app again free of charge for a month (including SMS alerts as well as the email plan you were on before) please reply to my message and I'll organise that for you today.

Kind regards

Eastside Co

13. juli 2018

The app itself works great, but it really doesn't support variants. A customer can request a notification by variant, however, when the notification goes out, the notification is all about the product. For example, the subject line says "Your Legging is back in stock". Absolutely NO mention that the BLACK Legging is back in stock. Then the photo that is in the email is the main product image (not necessarily the black one). The ONLY place it even mentions the variant is in the body of the email, but let's face it, we don't all read everything. I asked them if they could at least put the photo of the variant color and they said that option wasn't available. So, you say you support variants, but you really don't!!

Mere end et år bruger appen
6. maj 2020

It was working nicely but all of a sudden it stopped sending emails when we hit the bell icon to send the notification. Hoping this can be fixed,

withinUs Natural Health - Canada
5 måneder bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 7. maj 2020

Hey there

Thanks for the review and sorry you're having issues. Our support team have now got in touch with you and are in the process of resolving it. If you could update your review once it's sorted for you, that would be great.


Eastside Co

10. januar 2020

The app has stopped working on my site. Notifications are not being sent as items restock, even with the manual prompt to send them. I have also reached out to your team three times asking for assistance without hearing anything back. Based on the other reviews, I checked all my spam folders to see if I was missing the responses. But, nothing has come through.

4 måneder bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 14. januar 2020

Hi there

Thanks for getting in touch. I understand our support team messaged and addressed the problem you were having, so hopefully the issue is resolved. If all is well, it would be really appreciated if you'd consider updating your review.

All the best

Eastside Co

15. april 2021

Not working good and support takes too long. I have been using the app for days but its not 100%. Also e-mails notification delay to be delivery to costumers when I restock the item. I have been trying get it solved with support but they keep saying devs are working on my issue. It has been more than 20 days now, my free trial period its over and I am already being charged and the app it's not working good. Not a good experience.

27 dage bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 15. april 2021

Hi there

Thanks for your review and we're sorry you've been having issue with the app. We're in the process of migrating to a new server, which will improve the speed of the notification delivery but it will just take some time for testing etc.

Best wishes

Eastside Co

26. marts 2019

Watch out. The 14-day trial is only for the basic email-only version, although nowhere on the page does it say that. I was tricked into spending $$ to get the app. After auto-installation, the notification box did not appear in a logical position, so I reached out to support for help on these two issues. A basic non-response was given to my concerns. Furthermore, I cannot seem to be able to test the SMS since it doesn't seem active even though I selected the Starter Plan. I am uninstalling the app and finding another solution. One star + one extra star for at least responding to my email.

4 dage bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 27. marts 2019

Thanks for taking the time to write a review of Now Back in Stock.

We agree that it wasn't clear enough that the 14 day trial relates to the email only plan. We have now amended the details on the app listing so this is more obvious.

We're sorry you feel you were tricked into spending money through the charge approval process. Our support team addressed this in their response and have offered a refund - please follow their instructions and they will deal with this for you.

Regarding your technical issues with the app, our support team have also offered to assist and make the changes on your behalf. If you change your mind about uninstalling the app, please follow the instructions in their message and they can make the changes in the areas you were having trouble with.

Kind regards

Eastside Co

4. oktober 2019

Recently subscribed to this app. It falsely claims that "it might take a few minutes until all updates are sent". I'll give it a few more hours and take my business elsewhere. The issue is clearly not resolved.

Saucey Farms & Extracts — Official Merchandise
Cirka en time bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 7. oktober 2019

Hi - I'm sorry you experienced an issue with the app. If you had problems with notifications being delayed in the end, please let us know via our support email address and we'll be happy to provide the app for free for a month, including SMS.

Kind regards

Eastside Co