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26. juni 2021

Worked well for a while but then we started experiencing issues. Customers complained that they were receiving error messages when trying to register. The support team were not able to help with our issue so we uninstalled this app.

Supernova Studio
Næsten 3 år bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 28. juni 2021


Thanks for taking the time to review the app and we're sorry you uninstalled it. The problem you describe was that the customer in question had unsubscribed previously. If this happens, they are unable to subscribe again - however our dev team can manually re-add the email address in this situation.


Eastside Co

Redigeret 9. januar 2020

I hope you guys see this. I just emailed you guys. The person below is having the same issue as me. Emails have stopped sending 2 days ago on the 7th. No replies on my inquiry also.

El Potrero Western Wear
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 10. januar 2020

Hi there

Our support team have emailed you in response to your recent message so please work with them and they will resolve the issue.

Many thanks!

Eastside Co

Redigeret 4. marts 2022

After several years with this app mostly working well, it was not functioning on my latest attempt to notify customers. It took customer service 3 days to respond and 5 days to fix it, but I was eventually able to send the notifications--5 days after I had hoped to.

The Mala Market
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 8. marts 2022

Hi there,

Firstly, thank you for being a long term customer of ours! Unfortunately our developers are UK-based so when we received your support request at 7.30pm on Friday night no one was available to help until Monday. Although we responded within 1 working day and resolved the issue within 2 working days we completely understand how frustrating this issue must have been for you.

We're incredibly grateful for your honest feedback and to prevent this happening again we have implemented a bot to resolve the most common support requests when we're not available.

We look forward to providing an improved quality of service to you in the future.

Kind regards,
The Eastside Co Team

11. marts 2020

Buggy and their server is dead slow. Support responds but often with canned responses, doesn't really feel like a partnership as with some other developers. I've had an ongoing issue which has not been fixed and the message is 'all will be fixed in the new version'... that has not appeared for 6 months. I'm out and moving my business elsewhere.

Shamanic Supply
Mere end et år bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 12. marts 2020

Thanks for your review. Our support team always investigate each issue individually, so I'm sorry if you feel like you've had canned responses and that they weren't able to resolve your issue on this occasion.

Kind regards

Eastside Co

30. maj 2019

Nice layout but doesnt see my variant IDs so it didnt work for me compared to other apps. When I asked them to fix this they said I had to contact my theme developer. Back to the another app I go.

4 måneder bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 31. maj 2019

Hi there

Thanks for your review of the app - we're sorry it didn't fit in with your theme as you expected it to. If you decide to speak with the theme developer and want to continue with Now Back in Stock, please let us know.

Kind regards

Eastside Co

Redigeret 23. juni 2020

The app worked good initially, but then I needed to buy tokens to keep sending out alerts. No problem, I paid for the tokens. But now the issue is that you can only get a certain amount of tokens per month. :( This is terrible if you are a business that constantly needs to alert your customers. I will have to look for another app that can accommodate me.

I also had issues with the timing of when the alerts are sent out. It is EXTREMELY DELAYED !

If you are a small business that does not need to update multiple times a month with multiple products ... then you should be fine with this app.
They are good with responding and helping to update your site if you need them too.

Melt Fit
4 måneder bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 23. juni 2020

Thanks for your review and acknowledging our support team's help. I'm sorry that on this occasion we weren't able solve everything to your satisfaction.

Best regards

Eastside Co

Redigeret 11. juni 2019

I sold out on a product JUNE 2. A customer signed up to be notified when back in stock. This app send an email on JUNE 7 and again JUNE 9 to tell the customer the item was back in stock. PROBLEM was, I never increased inventory above 0 since it sold out JUNE 2. Not sure this app is even worth the $5. I may never get that customer back.

The Painted Heirloom
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
15. april 2020

We have just installed your BackinStock app and it’s working fine but we need one change. Customers are receiving Back in Stock email form we want to change this email address.

Can you please tell us how can we change the email to our store email address

Regency Mask
Cirka 2 timer bruger appen
Shop Circle svarede 15. april 2020

Hi there

Thanks for your review and your support query. I understand our support team have had a dialogue with you today to answer your question. If, once it's resolved, you're happy with the outcome, you'd be able to revise your review to a 5 star it would be really appreciated!

Kind regards

Eastside Co