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Out of Stock by Goivvy

Out of Stock by Goivvy

Developed by Goivvy.com

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  • Show only those products customer can buy
  • Automatically hide sold out products
  • Automatically publish products when you add inventory

What does this app do?

  • Automatically hides sold out products

  • Automatically publishes a products if its inventory level goes above zero (0)

Why do I need this app?

Do you think customers should only see products they can buy? If answer is Yes then you need this app.

It will save you maintenance time because you don't need to manually unpublish your products.

How does this app work?

This app is running in the background. It requires no configuration and you don't have to do anything to set it up.

What this app does not do?

The app does not automatically hide the products that had 0 inventory before the app had been installed. In other words once you install it it won't hide those products that had 0 inventory. The app only responds to inventory changes once it has been installed.

The app currently supports only the Online store visibility channel.

How much does it cost.

This app is free to use. No additional charges. No strings attached.

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This app works, in that it will hide all products with 0 inventory and will unhide all products with inventory of 1 or greater. This is a basic need that Shopify itself should offer as part of store configuration but does not.

Be aware that this app overrides items you specify as "Hidden" and makes them visible. The developer offered a solution, for a cost.


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