Aries Prodesign Outfit Builder

Aries Prodesign Outfit Builder

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A Smart Solution for Creating & Selling Product Bundle

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Set discount by percentage

Offer percentage discount on each product in a outfit

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will be free to appreciate the combinations you have created

Average cart value

Increase average cart value by easily creating outfits on your Shopify store

Acerca de Aries Prodesign Outfit Builder

The Perfect Shopify “Outfits Builder” for You and Your Customer! Outfits Builder for Shopify is built for shop owners to create amazing deals that combine several products to put for sale together. This is such a powerful app for boosting sales of different product types, and at the same time offering customers with some reasonable benefits. It’s a smart tool for enhancing cross-selling strategies on your online Shopify shop. It is ensures a higher conversion rate. Bundles are the best way to offer deals and unmissable mix of products to your customers. There isn’t a limit on the number of outfits you can create. You can create bundles of products that compliment each other. This helps to further simplify and shorten the decision-making process on your customer’s end.


  1. Outfits overview page with infinite scroll.
  2. Search search product by name on the admin page
  3. Auto fill discount code on checkout page
  4. Responsive design
  5. Share on facebook button on the Outfit cards
  6. Share via email button on the Outfit cards
  7. Easy to install

App Setup

No need to worry about installing the App. Or making the Outfit page match your website's look and styling. We will install it for you. Contact our support team


App requires one theme change after it is installed (one simple copy-paste step).

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